My heart is a metronome – a new hope for Swedish rock!

My heart is a metronome has what it takes to make the Swedish rock scene relevant again, a scene that has stagnated the last couple of years, which is apparent in that nobody talks about it anymore. A lot is currently aligned for the trio from Uppsala to take their place among the established names.

The band took shape three years ago from singer and guitarist’s Mattis Malinens solo project. After recording the EP “Sketches” on his own, the solo project grew into a band when he was joined by Gustaf Simonsson on bass and Felix Carlsten on drums.

Deep in the woods of Södermanland, a province on the south eastern coast of Sweden, they recorded their self-produced EP “The Colouring”. The unique sound immediately made an impact in swedish media. Among other things, the radio show P3 Osignat (Unsigned), about the best unsigned bands, had their single “The Whistler” as number one for several consecutive weeks.

”Already one of Swedens most promising acts” – Anders Jakobsson, UNT.

As a consequence of their success they got scouted by Spinnup Universal, which in turn led to them being signed by a newly started, independent record label, Substitute Music Group.

“We love all phases, from rehearsing to being in the studio and finally on stage, and we hope to do it as much as possible. Substitute Music Group has become part of MHIAMs rock family, in which our creative energy never gets compromised, but rather developed in concert to acheive our common goals”, says Mattis Malinen.

The new single “Turtle”, recorded through Substitute Music in Sountrade Studios, a studio in Solna, Stockholm, is released on December the 9th. On the 20th of the same month there will be a release of a re-recording of the song, “The Whistler”, that was so popular in P3 Osignat (Unsigned). This will premier during a longer interview on the same radio station.

“We feel that our sound has evolved immensely since the Colouring stuff”, says Mattis. “You could say we are more sloppy now, but at the same time more structured and with a better eye for reviewing the parts of the songs in great detail. Turtle is really a quick paced alternative rock song, but which we’ve made a lot poppier with a falsetto melody that really sticks in your head. Out of everthing we’ve done so far, it’s probably the song which is most like a pop song — which almost feels a bit cheeky.”

Just as quick paced, is the state of their musical career. They participated in last year’s Musikhjälpen (2014, in Uppsala), a musical event that aims to gather funds for a worthy cause, where they will take their place among many established artists. And the next step is the release of their longed-for album, which they are working on at the time of writing, and  beyond that a tour in Europe.

Listen to My heart is a metronome on Spotify today!