My Bergman – booking agent

My Bergman is a booking agent at MyWave booking agency. Read about her work and what to think about before booking a gig:
Tell us about the background to your company? When it was started and what artists are you working with right now?
It all started last August when I booked a gig for a band called Killerball. The reason I did it was largely because I really liked their music and wanted to see them live. After the gig we started working together more and we decided that I would book their gigs. I started off emailing people however I noticed pretty quickly that there weren’t many responses. When I then started calling and started having proper, real conversations it was a big difference. When up and running with Killerball I started to work with another band; Humfree Bug Art. I had seen them playing live at Manifest on tour and was completely blown away, when you get goose bumps, you know it must be good! The first official booking I made after that was at a festival where both bands would perform. Unfortunately, after having worked on this all winter and spring, the event was cancelled due to economic reasons.

During this year at MyWave booking agency, I have worked with a total of 6 different acts. Though nowadays I’m working with just three. The Fix who are a crazy live band that go all in every time. Killerball, who won Best Newcomer at the Manifest Awards 2013 for their wonderful harmonies and addictive melodies. And finally Humfree Bug Art whom I love for their creative, psychedelic indie. The reason I had to cut down on the number of bands, was because it got super busy. I didn’t have time to attend to them all as I would have liked! So here’s a tip to bookers: Do not take on too much!

What has the summer been like with bookings? How have you gone about to make reservations for your bands?
The summer has been extremely fun, I’ve been out at festivals with my bands who have been performing a lot. The important thing for bands or bookers is to always do things ahead, in good time. Everything must be planned at least a year beforehand. So start contacting people soon for spring and summer- bookings. Start with emailing and to make sure you document everything you do. By having the document with all of the information about who you’ve contacted and when, it allows you to keep track. Call if you do not receive a reply by email, that way they’ll know how badly you really want this. As a booker, it’s very important to attend as many gigs as you can, and to manage everything about the show for the band so they do not have to think about it. Just make sure you have a good contact with the organizers of the events. I have done this all summer and it’s been very educational.

What kind of music do you listen to? Who is your inspiration?

I listen to a lot of different types of rock, I like the big acts such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, but my lists on Spotify are very mixed. I have not been drawn into the house and trance world yet. I get a lot of inspiration from the bands I work with, their music makes me want to book them as much as possible, so that more people can enjoy it. Then I have my mentor Emil Rossling Larsson at Blixten & Co. He gives me advice, tips, and tells me how I can get better and grow. I look up to him and his way of dealing with difficult situations is inspiring. Most importantly, always be honest with yourself and others and it will get you far … And trust your gut instinct!

What is your advice to unsigned artists? And what should you consider before booking a gig?

Find someone who can help you with things like booking, but try to find someone who is as passionate about music as you are. In the beginning, it really doesn’t just have to be about earning money, it’s all about learning and getting the music out to the audience. When people see you live and like what they see, they’ll spread the word. Do not put too much focus on getting signed to the largest company, try to do as much as you can by yourselves. For example, you can start your own company through which you can release your music. If you don’t have someone who can book for you, decide on one of the band members to manage the booking and you make them an email that is only for the band’s booking, e.g. Setting goals is also important, for example, within a month, we want to reach 2,000 likes on Facebook. Both large and small goals are good!

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