Music Distribution Made Easy with Spinnup

The music distribution process can be tricky to grasp. As a player in digital distribution, we want to help independent artists understand how it works and what role we play in it.


What Music Distribution Is


It’s all about sharing your tracks and getting your music out there.

There are two main ways to distribute your music;

• Physical distribution: CDs, vinyl’s, etc. which has been around for decades

• Digital distribution: streaming & downloading – today’s most important way to get your music out there, and that’s where we come in.


Some music stores will let you distribute music yourself, but for many services you must go through a distributor, also sometimes called an aggregator. A distribution service will give you a platform to upload your audio files and cover art, enter all your meta data and choose settings about when and where your music will be released. Most services, like Spinnup, will supply you with ISRC and UPC codes free of charge, and provide regular updates of your stats. A distributor is also responsible for regular reporting all of your income from streams and downloads of your music, and will pay this money to you.


Some music distributors will take a percentage of your royalties as a fee. Here at Spinnup we believe artists should keep everything they earn, and so we pay out 100% royalties to artists.


What We Do


Simply, our mission is to digitally distribute your music and get your music online.


When an artist releases their music with us, we distribute to more than 45 streaming platforms, including the giants: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon and iTunes. But also the less common ones like Shazam, Beatport and 7 Digital.


After processing, it becomes available to stream and download all over the world and you will earn royalties every time a track is streamed or downloaded. We pay artists 100% of their royalties in monthly sales reports with details your sales data, and allow them to withdraw their earnings at any time via PayPal.


Why You Should Use An Aggregator

Amplify Your Success

Having a music aggregator distribute your tracks for you is the only way to get your music on streaming and downloading platforms. At Spinnup we distribute your music to over 45 digital partners for a small subscription fee per release. Even where you can distribute your tracks yourself, the paperwork and admin involved to submit your music to that many streaming services is what nightmares are made of. It also means all your stats and earnings are reported in the one place, making it easier for you to look at your progress and get paid.


We’re obviously biased in the aggregator vs distributor debate but, using an aggregator or distributor saves you time so you can focus on the important side: being creative and making music.



YouTube and SoundCloud are great ways to begin your career but as you progress and take your music more seriously you will want to grow your reach by being present on BIG platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Music stores and streaming services are where serious artists live, and are where you’re likely to find more fans than anywhere else.


Earn Money

Digital music aggregators like Spinnup are the way to conquer streaming platforms and earn money from your music. The more streaming platforms you use, the more potential revenues to earn from! Having your music in as many places as possible is great, but keep in mind that most of your streaming earnings are likely to come from the biggest platforms.


How We Help Independent Artists Further Their Career


At Spinnup our number one priority is artists. Our artists trust us to distribute their music and we do more than just handle the technical side.


We want to give artists a platform to go as far as they can. We put select artists forward on our socials, playlists and on the Spinnup blog to promote them where we can.


Speaking of blog, we use it to put tips out there for independent artists, so check out our articles for plenty of advice on making music, streaming platforms and how to handle your music career.


We’ve developed features to make sure that being an independent artist doesn’t equal being lost. Our sales data statistics page allows artists to understand how their music is streamed on digital stores, what works best and what they should focus on to make their next release even more successful.


Most importantly we get artists signed with Universal Music record labels. There’s a label for every genre and every style. At the time of writing this we have helped 55 artists get discovered by A&Rs at UMG and signed to their label Check out some of the  success stories of artists we helped sign with a major.


Create your free Spinnup account and start releasing today. How far could it take you?