Introducing SMILO!

Newly signed SMILO is a trio consisting of Arvid Ångström, Oscar Berglund Juhola and Dennis Babic. They released the song GOOSEBUMPS on spinnup and were signed to svenska inspelningar (Universal Music).

Please tell us more about SMILO – who you are and how you started making music together.
All of us are DJ’s and music producers, focusing on EDM/pop. We are three happy guys with the intention to spread happiness, along with our music:)!
We started writing music together about a year ago. Dennis and Oscar had an idea for a track and sent it to me (Arvid), and I wrote the topline. The song became SMILO‘s first single! 

Congratulations on your song Goosebumps getting signed to Svenska Inspelningar! How did all of this come together?
Thank you so much! 🙂
Goosebumps is a song that we recorded when Tropical House started to become the new EDM sound. We released it through Spinnup wich is a powerful tool when aiming to get noticed by a major record label like Universal. We got an email from Svenska Inspelningar saying they wanted to meet. Apparently Goosebumps is one of the most succesfull songs released through Spinnup unsigned. We had a meeting with the team and liked the vibe. Svenska Inspelningar had the same vision that we had, so it felt like the perfect choice for us.

What inspired you to make this song?
Arvid wrote some of the lyrics a few summers back on a trip to Greece. We started producing the track when Tropical House became a mainstream genre so we thought; Why not make it a Pop/Tropical house song? Of course Kygo was a big inspiration when we made the percussion in the track, we really wanted to hit that tropical vibe. Love is a big inspiration for all songwriters and Goosebumps is a love story.

What’s happening in the year to come?
2016 will be a year to remember for us, it’s the year when we get to establish our brand and our concept. We hope to perform at a lot of shows and really show our audience that we are here to stay and spread happiness! 

We will participate in ”Melodifestivalen” which is huge. SMILO will bring a new, fresh and happy sound to the competition.

And of course, there is more music coming. We can’t wait to show you our upcoming songs!

If you would give Spinnup artists some advice, what would it be?
We are no experts regarding people’s musical careers, but one thing we always do is letting the music become what it becomes. Trying to make something that is different is also something in the right direction. When writing lyrics it’s a good thing to keep it simple and let people relate to the story of the song. There’s really no mystery why love is the most common topic in songs.

And Remember to always keep on SMAILING! 😀


Listen to their track Goosebumps: