Meet Anna Wihlke!

We proudly present our debut artist, Anna Wihlke, a talented aspiring pop/rock singer and songwriter. With years of experience and stories to be told, this Swedish girl based in London is ready to get things started.

She is recognized by her catchy choruses, sincere lyrics and refreshingly raw take on pop. Her unique vocals have been compared to iconic artists such as Tori Amos, Dolores O’Riordan and Gwen Stefani. Coming across as a stubborn Lolita, Anna’s lyrics reflect on the meaning of commitment and explore the fine lines between devotion, abuse, love and obsession. She describes her writing as a way of communicating what’s hard to explain face to face. In every song dialogues can be traced, inviting the listener to witness private scenarios over cinematic soundtracks.

Although Anna started writing and recording her own songs at the age of seven and has a background in classical music as well as a degree in rhetoric, she still considers herself to be an underdog. But now she’s ready to change all that, with three songs, ‘Only Rational Thing’, ‘Lap Girl’, and ‘List Of You’, recorded and mixed over three days in her home studio and written exclusively for Spinnup – “I like my roast rare,” she grins.

Photographer: Michel Widenius