Live stream your MusicNow!

With Spinnup you can release your tunes to the world via our top digital music retail and streaming partners. But what about when you want the world to see your beautiful faces, and witness your music as it’s being played? Thanks to our friends at MusicNow, you can!

We have seen MusicNow in action first hand, using several cameras to stream live to Facebook, as we did for the Raptags 2016 final held by Spinnup Germany and Chapter One. Check out the live stream here, which accumulated thousands of views, likes, shares and comments!

What is MusicNow?

MusicNow is a live video streaming service for musicians. You can live stream your concerts or rehearsals easily just by using your iPhone or iPad! What’s even better is that it’s completely free for fans and musicians.


Why should I sign up?

With MusicNow you can grow your audience by sharing your performance instantly across all social media platforms, and streaming in real time to Facebook Live. As soon as your performance is finished the app will upload the broadcast to your YouTube channel, all you need to do is connect your social accounts to your MusicNow profile – it’s as easy as connecting your socials on Spinnup – and away you go.

You can also involve your fans!

Fans already make videos or live streams during concerts, but MusicNow enables your fans to add their own streams to your official broadcast. This helps build deeper relationships with fans and the stream itself becomes more unique. And it’s really easy, just set-up a multi-camera concert feature and share the #hashtag with fans, which then feeds their video recording to your livestream.


But wait, there’s more…

What makes MusicNow really special, is your ability to broadcast from multiple cameras simultaneously. Usually that would require a complex set up and expensive equipment, right? With MusicNow all you need is more than one smartphone ready, so get a friend or two involved, and setup the multi-camera feature in the app. Your friends (or fans) can record your performance to the one stream by using a hashtag you create before the performance begins.

Once you start broadcasting, fans can then switch between views when watching from the MusicNow app.

Audio is better too!

MusicNow provides one of the best smartphone audio recording systems by allowing you to connect your smartphone to a mixer or external microphone. If you don’t have those, you can control sound level with in-app sound settings. All you need to do is check the waveform and adjust the gain of the microphone on the screen of your smartphone before and during the stream.


Can I make money from MusicNow?

Yes! MusicNow connects global payment service Stripe, so fans can pledge/tip musicians during the show if they want. They also plan to add a paid broadcast feature soon for those extra special performances. To start getting pledges all you need to do is – fill in your Stripe account in the app.

Head to the app store from your iPhone or iPad and download MusicNow to take it for a spin! (Don’t worry Android users, your app is coming soon)