Let us present: KWAAI

KWAAI is the result of a unique collaboration between Swedish and South African hip-hop and urban artists. Now out with their debut single “Badman”, proudly distributed by Spinnup.

It all began in early 2012 when Stockholm-based rapper Mofeta secured funding from the Swedish Culture Council for a music project with South Africa. KWAAI was assembled – a diverse mix of talented male and female, multi-racial musicians – and in December 2012, Adam Tensta, Syster Sol, Chords, Cleo, Kristin Amparo, Mofeta & Jerre and Dirty Jens, all travelled to South Africa to meet some of the leading lights of the region’s urban music scene. Inspired by their surroundings and recording in the famous Red Bull Studios in Cape Town and the famed Kalawa Jazmee Studios in Johannesburg, they recorded 25 songs over three weeks.

Initiator and Project manager Mofeta said, “I learned that the more I was letting others take place in the music, the better it became. Instead of holding so hard to it and thinking that if it didn’t get as I thought, it wouldn’t be good.”

The project quickly expanded and surpassed everyone’s expectations. Not only are they releasing a documentary about their musical adventures in South Africa, this summer they’ll all meet again in Sweden to perform at festivals including “Way out West” with the backing of the National Theatre and Red Bull. Touring with KWAAI will be Driemanskap, the charismatic South African hip-hop collective who mix Xhosa, English and local dialect into their lyrics, as well as Kanyi, the MC and talented lyricist who raps in her mother tongue, Xhosa, and who also happens to be a Sangoma, a traditional healer.

KWAAI’s debut single “Badman” is now available in all major digital stores and proudly distributed by Spinnup. Their album will be released at the beginning of June. Get ready for summertime and the most important cultural summit meeting in Sweden!