KWAAI and Trappmusik: WOW experience!

I think that everyone who went to the Way Out West festival can all agree that it was a weekend to remember! With a multi line up including artists such as Graveyard, Håkan Hällström, Daniel Adams-Ray, Beach House, Angelhaze, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Alicia Keys.

What made this weekend just more perfect, was the experience of watching our Spinnup artists KWAAI and Trappmusik performing live! Both of them played on the last night which you could see as waiting for the best ones for last – Trappmusik at Scandic Rubinen and KWAAI at Lisebergs dock.

You might have stumbled upon Trappmusik’s latest album “Livet Leker” where it defines the slow hiphop sound that gives you the feeling of just chilling. The whole atmosphere during Tub von Trapp, Trappadon and Banken’s performance with atmospheric beats where they invited us to a crazy show! We could really see how much they enjoyed it as well. It surely wasn’t difficult to tag along the lyrics about how to take it to the next level and their different aspects of going out in space.

KWAAI was a whole other show, that is right now touring around Sweden promoting their full lengthed album “Worldwide”. We could just see the important elements that has made the album so unique with numbers of great artists from South Africa. I think I’ve never seen that many artists on stage before: Mofeta, Adam Tensta, Cleo, Dirty Jens, Chords, Driemanskap, Rantobokgo, Mic Substance, Syster Sol and many more. Throughout the whole show, they kept both high quality and energy on top! Having the story as the world’s biggest exchange between Swedish and South African urban hiphop, just made the crowd screaming even for more.

We are so proud to have been a part of their moments and it just provens how much great artists we have on Spinnup.

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