Jessica Folcker is finally back!

Her new single “Who am I”, distributed through Spinnup, is a dance hit with fierce beats and fantastic rhythm. It’s been a couple of years since we last heard her raspy unique tone – “The world has been missing my voice”, she says.

With a great success in the end of the 90’s, we surely remember her big hits such as “Tell me what you like” and “How will I know (who you are)”. Working closely with the Cheiron-producers Max Martin and Denniz Pop, Jessica took both Sweden and many other international countries by storm.

Looking back at her career, even though Jessica was touring diligently, life wasn’t always on top. Denniz Pop, not only her producer but also a very close friend passed away right before her first album was released. It caused a lot of sorrow into her life but she kept on going strong with promoting her album and touring around Europe. She recorded some other albums but they weren’t as successful as the earlier big hits and first album.

Jessica explains how important it is as an artist to have time for music – it requires a whole different presence and she felt she hadn’t had time for it. Having a big family, the focus shifted more on them these past years but she always kept music in her life. Now when her children have grown up, she can once again go wholeheartedly to do what she does best – creating music.

Also, today she feels more confident, making the right decisions and is determined of what she wants – “I want to continue building the basis I once had, because I love my job and I love music.”

Jessica Folcker’s latest song “Who am I” is a collaboration with big producer Moh Denebi and featured by Dr. Alban. The single, proudly distributed by Spinnup, has been Wimp exclusive but is now available on the other major digital stores.