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Is now a good time to be releasing music?

We’ve been speaking to a lot of our artists lately and a lot of you are feeling rather uncertain at the moment, and we completely understand. This is a really weird time, and no matter what generation you’re in, none of us have experienced anything quite like this before.


One thing that’s we find is being asked a lot by our artists is, is now a good time to be releasing music? The answer: absolutely.


Why? A few reasons actually.


First up, people are at home and they’re looking to be entertained, and they’re looking for a little joy. Music is both of those things. Music fans may no longer be in busy offices or communal workspaces where they refrain from blasting their own tunes all day, and now they can. And you might just be their favourite new artist they’re waiting to discover. Streaming services like Spotify and Apple have recorded growth in the number of subscribers using their platforms. More subscribers means even more ears for your music to potentially find its way into.


And with exercise being the only universally accepted reason for leaving the house right now, that’s even more opportunity to have your music in their ears as they pound the pavement.


Unsurprisingly, people are spending a lot of time on their phones and a lot of time on social media right now. But don’t rely on your music alone, make sure you’re keeping active with your content and on your social media accounts to keep in touch with your audience, especially while they’re at their most attentive.


Another reason: many big-name artists are pushing release dates back so they can carry out their full-blown promo schedules and tours that normally come hand in hand with big releases. With a gap in the amount of music being released from said big names, now is the perfect time for independent artists who rely on the digital sphere to promote their music and capture listeners to take advantage while there is less demand for ears and attention.


Leading on from that, being an artist who distributes their music with Spinnup (which of course you do, because that’s why you’re here  ) gives your music the speed and agility releases that have a physical product do not. Sadly, many businesses have been negatively affected by this virus, sometimes slowing down or suspending work. Spinnup is fortunate enough to be a digital service, and with our teams spread all over the world our team is highly agile and able to work remotely with zero interruption to the service. We’ve been working from home for over 6 weeks now. Apart from missing our tea break chats and after work drinks, we’ve barely noticed a difference.

We’re not slowing down, and neither should your music.


I hate, literally HATE writing this part…. but no one knows how long this will go on for. This will vary depending on when you read these words, and where in the world you’re reading them from. But regardless of that, you had a plan for your music before all of this. Or maybe you didn’t but this craziness has inspired some new art you’re just bursting to get out. Don’t let this stop you and don’t let your music lose any momentum you’ve built or the plans you dreamed up.


I’ve left the most important until last, because that’s the rule.


Music brings us together. Across borders, genders and generations. So, if there’s anything the world needs right now – aside from a Covid-19 cure, that would be nice – it’s music.


And if you’re wondering how to keep up your music career from home, head on over to our Creators United page to access the tools and advice we’ve provided to help you do just that.


Keep calm, stay happy, make music.