Introducing… Zeguerre, Shotas, Huntrill, Captaine Roshi and KIKESA

Nothing excites us more than hearing about artists getting discovered and signed through releasing with Spinnup. 2019 has already been an exceptional year for our French artists, we have had FIVE artists get signed to Universal Music!

Spinnup represents indie artists who are putting in the graft and getting their music off the ground independently. We love to see hard work paying off for the artists who choose to work with us. A huge congratulations to Spinnup France and the wonderful artists reaping the rewards from their grind.

So without further ado…





Zeguerre is a 26-year-old rapper hailing from Lyon, France. He played football in the CFA for Agade and has been on the music scene since 2017. He came to prominence through DayMolition (a HUGELY popular French rap media platform).

Since then he has gone from strength to strength, creating a large following for himself and even generating over 1 million streams on Spotify!!

Zeguerre joined the Spinnup family in 2019 and has continued his consistent release rate.

Zeguerre was signed in April to French rapper Soufiane’s label Affranchise music, which is an imprint of Capitol Record France, part of the Universal Music family.

Tune in;




Shotas (who got his namesake from the Jamaican classic film “Shottas”) is an 18-year rapper of Guinean and Senegalese descent hailing from the Evry District, or as locals call the area, The 91.

Coming from a musical family – with his cousin being rapper Skaodi and his brother is a member of Mafia Spartiate – his choice to pursue music was inevitable.

He started rapping at just 12 years old but didn’t take his craft seriously until the age of 14, he joined the Spinnup family in 2018 and has created quite a buzz in a small space of time.

He signed with Universal Music’s Caroline label and their urban division, Grandline, in March.

Listen Below;


Huntrill is another artist hailing from The 91 and has been impressing us with his tracks since he joined Spinnup in 2018.

He rides and flows on the beat like an Atlien and has created a following by going against the grain, while many rappers talk about violence and money Huntrill gives a unique spin on street life. Which has made him stand out from the crowd, especially with his vibey flow.

Get into him;




Captaine Roshi’s musical style could be described as trap music, he delivers hard-hitting line after line, which is guaranteed to have your head bouncing.

Captaine Roshi also known as “The Snake of Pigalle” is just 22 years old and, you guessed it, hails from Pigalle, Paris. He made the gimmick “Yoho” famous which is directly inspired by Brook of the manga One Piece.

Give him a listen here;




KIKESA is a 90’s kid who has been a seasoned veteran in the underground hip hop scene in France. He joined the Spinnup family in 2018 and signed with Capitol Records France this year.

He describes himself as ‘the new hippie’ and if you listen to his music you can definitely understand why his musical style is free. He lends his voice to an array of beats, ranging from pop to classic hip-hop to urban trap and so on. KIKESA is not one to be boxed in and with Universal Music behind him the sky is the limit.

Hear him here;


If you don’t have Spotify and want to listen, all these artists’ music is available on all streaming sites!

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