Introducing: VALENCÉ

This week we introduce you to VALENCÉ, a 22 year old pop singer-songwriter from our home country of Sweden. VALENCÉ began writing music at the age of 14, after being given her first guitar

Since then she has been involved in various musical projects with her studies in both Framnäs Folkhögskola and Rythmus school – where Spinnup alumni, now Universal artist LOVA also studied (along with Tove Lo, Robyn…just a few artists you may have heard of.)

On her solo project, she goes by her middle name VALENCÉ, which has a powerful meaning. Valence is the positive or negative emotional charge one feels towards another person, object or situation.

Developing a sound that from pop to electronic, with plenty of depth and ambient influences, her debut single Doubt me  was released 8th June is lively yet melancholic. A week later she released the accompanying music video on Youtube, which is reminiscent of the single’s artwork, with a simple white set awash in soft coloured lighting that transitions through the clip.

To celebrate her debut release VALENCÉ held a release party in Stockholm a few weeks ago ahead of her upcoming EP Leaves Again, which will be out in August. She performed on the night with full band and the dancers that featured in her “Doubt Me” music video. Watch the video of the party here.

In addition to her solo project, VALENCÉ has been lead singer of folk pop band Tiny Little Shoes since 2014. The band, who we’re also pleased to say distribute their tracks via Spinnup.

Needless to say the enigmatic VALENCÉ captured our attention so we got in touch to get to know her better!

So how did you go from playing the guitar at 14 to releasing electronic pop music today?

It all started two years ago when I went to Framnäs Folkhögskola in northern Sweden. I studied at the music production programme, and it was then that I really dug into the electronic pop music. When I went to Rytmus Gymnasium in Stockholm I had some music production courses, where I learned the basics (I also got some experience while recording with Tiny Little Shoes), however it was when I started at Framnäs that I really found my love for the electronic/indie/ambient/pop-sound and started to produce what later became the sound of VALENCÉ.

Are you still working on Tiny Little Shoes or are you focusing on VALENCÉ only at the moment?

My main focus these past couple of years has been VALENCÉ. However, I still have been taking part in other music projects. Mostly it has been different jazz constellations, or working on my other two music projects – LOU and Tiny Little Shoes. I have always loved
jazz, soul and pop, which has influenced my musical journey. Something that I have wanted to integrate and find a way to use in different ways when making music. Now with my newly found love for electronic and ambient sound, I believe I have created the pop-sound that I really longed for to be my solo project VALENCÉ.

We’re actually in this moment in the final process with Tiny Little Shoes, where we will record the last things on what will in the end become an EP. Music with a new fresh sound, including electronic elements – but still with our unique pop/folk/soul-vibe. The plans are to release the EP in about a year.

Looking forward to it! What about your debut EP ‘Leaves Again’? What can we expect from it?

My upcoming EP ‘Leaves Again’ does have a theme when it comes to the sound, even though the songs are a bit different – which I think is the key to keeping it interesting, you can really hear they’re VALENCÉ-songs. ‘Leaves Again’ is a very special release for me, not
just because it’s the first taset of VALENCÉ’s sound, but also because it’s the release of a long, painful but also very meaningful relationship. It’s very close to my heart.

What are the main themes in your EP?

The themes centre around hope, trust and heartbreak. It’s a combined experience of a spiritual approach and the mixed emotions you can feel in a relationship between two people. Even if you try to keep things clean and mature in a breakup, it’s not always that easy!

Striving to develop a spiritual approach to her music and image, VALENCÉ wants to create a concept of ”conscious electronic pop” around her music, influencing people by serving up electronic pop that connects with both the heart and the mind.

Make sure to follow VALENCÉ on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud and subscribe to her Youtube channel to know when she uploads new videos!

Stay tuned for her upcoming EP “Leaves Again” out 13th August