Introducing: To Be We

We admire the drive and passion it takes for all of our artists to continually create new music and get it up online for the world to hear. Lately we have been in awe of German pop act, To Be We, who have been releasing one single per week since October. Yes you read correctly, 16 singles.

Usually when we select an artist to write about for our weekly Spinnup Introducing feature, we have a track or two of the artist’s to choose from, so you can imagine how difficult it was for us to choose between tracks like ‘Hesitate‘, ‘The Autopsy‘ and latest single, ‘Down The Waterfall‘.

to be we 3

The Stuttgart based duo is made up of Hagen Wagner & Julian Lindenmann, a producer-vocalist duo that mix strong electronic beats with intimate guitar rhythms and sometimes melancholic vocals. Using digital tools and social media to their advantage, Hagen and Julian decided to steer away from a traditional release schedule and produce one single a week to release on Spotify every Friday. The project began in October, but they won’t fill us in on when it will end – and we’re hoping it’s no time soon!

While their tracks are up on all our partner stores, To be We have chosen to focus their efforts on Spotify, curating a playlist which they add each new release into. Crediting our flexibility and ability to get their tracks up on time, To Be We chose Spinnup to put their plan into action, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of such an ambitious project.

Make sure to listen to their One Single A Week playlist below and follow them on Spotify to stay up to date with their new releases!