Introducing: The Flavians

This week we introduce you to The Flavians. It’s safe to say that the Berlin-based alt-pop band caught our attention with their distinctive sound and fun, 60s aesthetics. The band was created in 2017 and is made of Joakim (drums), Liam (vocals & guitar), Anna (vocals & keys) and Thomas (vocals & bass).



Joakim and Liam first met in a Berlin hostel in 2016 before realising they went to the same university – how’s that for a small world. The group then started writing together before deciding to label themselves as a band. Unsurprisingly, their main influences include retro acts such as The Beatles and the Beach Boys, and The Flavians sure are as groovy as any 60s band.

The Flavians’ sounds are a perfect blend of dreamy harmonies, catchy rhythms and psychedelic guitar riffs.

‘On the Radio’, The Flavians’ debut single, has raw vocals that give an indie substance to the uplifting track. The harmonies are airy and definitely bring through those Beach Boys’ influences we mentioned. The Spinnup team aren’t the only ones who are loving it as the track has already been streamed more than 100K times!



Released just last week, their second single ‘Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)’ is just as dreamy with their signature retro feel. It’s a warm and fun tune, despite telling the story of a man whose life is going downhill. It was recorded in different places across Germany and Sweden using vintage gear and instruments from the 60s-70s to create their very authentic atmosphere of the 60s.

The vintage effect music video for ‘Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)’ perfectly illustrates the sad, yet oddly comic story told in the song.


The Flavians have been playing live shows around Germany and neighbouring countries these past months, gaining attention from various blogs across Europe, and radio stations worldwide.

Stay tuned: the band’s debut album Ordinary People In an Ordinary World is due summer 2019 and the release should be followed with a tour. Check out The Flavians website for live dates and more!

Stream their first two singles below and you can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Souncloud and subscribe to their Youtube channel.