Introducing: T.O.N.I.

We sure love discovering new artists from all over the world but it’s also a pleasure to find artists who are based in our HQ hometown of London. This week we introduce you to T.O.N.I.; an East London based singer-songwriter who caught our attention with her latest project – and her stunning visuals. T.O.N.I.’s most recent project MESSY is her first release with us and we’re so glad we came across it!

It has taken T.O.N.I. a while to get out there and be her authentic self, but now she isn’t afraid to ooze her own style and is comfortable doing the music that she loves.



She’s a self-determined artist, who and has written, recorded and mixed her early 2018 project AESTHETIC all in her own bedroom. The talented singer-songwriter brings us a chilled vibe and spontaneous beats with MESSY giving the project a smooth R&B tone.

We’re loving her artwork, if you are too you can check out her Instagram profile for more rich, lo-fi visuals.



T.O.N.I. describes her music as “expressive, raw and comfortably different, exploring themes of love, self-acceptance and a growth”. Throughout the album, T.O.N.I. addresses topics that feed into her life as a twenty-something creative living in London and draws us into her creative world.

Check out the colour-fuelled, girl-powered video for ‘Problem’ released last week.



Our personal favourite on the album is ‘Real Gud’. It almost has a runway atmosphere to it and dancing rhythms which remind us of summer.

You can stream MESSY down below or on any other preferred streaming platform here.

Make sure to follow her on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned for upcoming projects. Check out her Youtube channel and Soundcloud too!