Introducing: Stranded Mermaid

This week we introduce Stranded Mermaid: A bunch of weird savages with different musical backgrounds and influences. They come from all over Sweden but with a drummer from the South of France. The passion for real instruments brought them together – working with different acoustic tones, creating epic and dreamy soundscapes.

What is your musical background and when did you begin playing music?
We met in Småland, Sweden while studying at University. We started the band in 2013. We all have different backgrounds – some of us have been playing music all our lives and are multi-instrumentalists while others are more focused on the music production part. It’s an awesome combination as it gives us all the opportunity to get creative while allowing us to make our own music at the same time!

Who/what inspires you?
We are inspired by the wilderness – the idea of a lonesome soul walking through an endless and striking landscape in particular. We admire the great Ennio Morricone along with rock and indie mostly.

Tell us more about your latest release No Bloodshed Allowed and the connection to the previous single In the Jaws of the Wolf:
No Bloodshed Allowed is an epos with dystopian lyrics inspired by both personal experiences and general stuff that people can relate to. It’s a mixture of imagination and reality. We wanted it to feel like a powerful song where the sound created an illusion of a tribe preparing for battle. The song is a bit darker and heavier than our previous single In the Jaws of the Wolf. What brings them together is the feral feeling but In the Jaws of the Wolf is more mystical and dreamlike.

What has the response to your music been like?
2014 was a really good year and we have noticed a big change in how the crowd responded to our music, especially the three singles we released through Spinnup. Bloggers, followers and friends open their hearts and describe the visions they get when listening to our music. We think it’s a sign that we affect people.

What are your expectations for this year?
Spring is coming! Maybe some crazy live gigs? We hope that we will reach out to more people and that the ones who already follow us will like what we’re doing. We also hope to do more amazing photoshoots and music videos with our secret member photographer, Lanna Olsson. She’s just as wicked as we are! There is always stuff going on in the world of Stranded Mermaid. We can reveal that we have new songs coming up so stay tuned – they are almost finished!

Watch the video here: