Introducing Spinnup Scout Zoofie Ljung!

This rock chic did it her way; she is running one of the most followed music blogs about rock in Sweden and believes that music can save lives.

Zoofie originally comes from a small town called Ramsele, but has been living in Sundsvall for the last three years. With an education and various experiences in media focusing on graphic design, she truly has the right knowledge for marketing. Music has always been a big part of her life. As a youngster she used to stand at home by the speakers and head bang to Kiss which is one of her favorite bands. Another band that she worships is Takida, which she has followed since she was 13 and seen live 30 times!

She has tried plenty of times to play and create music herself – such as playing drums, guitar and piano – but due to lack of patience and wanting to do everything at once, she decided to put all focus on other artists and finding and developing them. Year 2010 she started a music blog which has grown to become one of the most read music blogs in Sweden – There she writes mostly about concerts and music that she believes in. Through her page, she has been writing for the Peace and Love festival, Sundsvall Road Party and giving her perspective on the Rockbjörnen venue.

She describes her music almost like an obsession – everyday she looks for new bands, artists and songs that have that little extra! Even though her genre is pure rock, she’s open for any kind of music that she simple could fall in love with. For Zoofie, music is the most important thing in this world. “Music can save lives”, she says with a big smile on her face. Zoofie is looking forward to great collaborations with artists and Spinnup is the perfect place to fulfill her biggest desires – discovering new music!