Introducing: Shurk

“The undead wanderer of the cosmos, the masked one. Lost in time; searching for meaning, searching for his eternal soul”

20 year old UK producer Shurk has released his latest track Restless via Spinnup, which – if you do nothing else today – you need to listen to!

With a steady growing underground fanbase, Shurk has released 7 EP’s to date (releasing over 40 songs since 2013) with his most popular track Haunted gaining 2.7 million views on YouTube alone.


“Restless” manages to innovatively capture a worldly blend of cultures; infusing menacing plucked strings, Asian percussion and face melting rave synths to create a vibe on the production that can only be described by one word: Shurk. Rightfully described as a “tribal dance banger” in its premiere over at EARMILK, “Restless” appears to literally take on its title, constantly developing its grooves, rhythms and sweeps that grab you from the second you press play.

Having had a sneak preview of music to come in 2018, all I can say is that you are going to LOVE Shurk as much as we do! Make sure to check out our Spinnup Scout Picks AND Staff Picks Spotify playlists to listen to “Restless”.

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