Introducing: Shawn Dark – from classical to punk to now

I was brought up with classical music. My grandfather was part of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and my uncle was an opera singer. I wasn’t allowed to listen to any electronic music as a kid and that of course intrigued me to find out more about it.

On a school trip to Denmark in 1992, a friend of mine let me borrow his Walkman and that was the first time I heard “Technotronic”. After that I would listen to the radio all the time and record every song with an electronic sound or a hard beat.

As a teenager I felt mistreated by society. Me, my sister and my mum had a very hard time and we didn’t get the support or help we needed. So naturally, I started to listen to songs with lyrics that touched on these subjects: “Mamma, Pappa, Barn” by Ebba Grön and “Innan himlen faller ner” by Imperiet among other swedish punk songs.

In 1997 a friend played me some rap music by KRS-One, NWA, Biggie, Puffy and Tupac. I was amazed by the sound and the attitude. I loved the political strength in hip-hop music and Swedish punk and I’m still inspired by artists/musicians who dare to be pure and honest in their music. I began to work as a song-writer/producer 2002, and I was fortunate to collaborate with some of the greatest.

I always wanted to release my own music but I wanted to learn enough to be able to do it myself. My first music video “Ger Man Sig In I leken” was filmed in Östberga, where I lived as a child. I’m very happy that I got the opportunity to work with people that I admire and respect.

Sometimes it’s hard to write, produce and synchronize everything yourself as an artist but as long as you believe in it and have fun, there’s no reason not to do it. This summer when I performed at a popular club in Stockholm (F12), I got a lot of good feedback from people in the audience which motivated me to continue doing what I do. Right now I’m working on a full length album. It’s going to be raw, filled with great collaborations and have masses of energy.

My goal is having it released in the beginning of 2014.