Introducing: Polycool

This week we introduce you to the eccentric Parisian quartet Polycool. The band is made of four childhood friends who started playing together in secondary school and just never stopped. From the first bars we can definitely feel the band has its own eclectic style combining experimental pop, mild rap and dance music.



Their latest single ‘Polywood’ layers synths over a vibrant beat that adds an infectious and energetic vibe to the track. Echoing their overwhelming passion for lemons (don’t ask), the track is zesty and Polycool certainly know how to take us back to the 70s for a colourful ride.


Polywood came to our attention recently as part of a Spinnup campaign for French artists. Each year, the team at Spinnup France gives artists the opportunity to release a free single for the chance to be selected to play at renowned French independent music festival Le Printemps De Bourges. After listening to hundreds of tracks, this year’s jury chose Polycool – along with seven other acts – to play a coveted slot at the festival taking place next month.


Not to worry though, we’ve got a similar deal going for UK artists who can apply to play at a festival. Release a (free) single with us before 12thApril and get the chance to win a performance slot at the Great Escape. All the info here.


Given the vibrance of colour and sound in their brand, it’s no surprice Polycool put a lot of effort into visuals and it’s a great way to highlight their music! You should definitely check out their new (slightly) crazy music video for Polywood:


Polycool is about to release an album this spring titled Lord Lemonand we can’t wait to hear it. The title alone makes us think it’s full of warm weather jams.


In the meantime, you can stream Polywood down below and check out Polycool’s Facebook and Instagram pages for upcoming concert info and much more.

Don’t forget to subscribe to their Youtube channel for more (Poly)cool videos.