Introducing: Pilotsonen

Pilotsonen is a new band consisting of six members, all wanting to create some Swedish tunes together.

“We try to create music that has some elements of melancholy, but it is still supposed to be quite euphoric as well.”

How old are you all and where are you originally from?
We are 20 to 24 years old, and we all come from different cities in Östergötland.

What is your musical background and when did you start with music? How did the group come together?
We have backgrounds playing in different bands on the local scene in Östergötland. We’ve all crossed each others paths during the years, even though we all haven’t known each other that well before we started the band.

We started out as six musicians wanting to see what could happen if we isolated ourselves for a weekend in the woods.

We went to a cabin called ‘Nybygget’, which is swedish for ‘newly built’, and started out trying to make something out of the melodies that Anton had written. The first song we played together was ‘Fem Miljoner Hjärtslag’, which turned out to be our first single.

Who or what inspires you?
This may sound like a cliché, but we get inspired by all people who do something they believe in. People who do not compromise in trying to express themselves. When we went to the cabin we had listened a lot to David Bowie and the National, but also to Swedish artists like Peter LeMarc and Markus Krunegård.

Do you find yourselves being inspired by similar things or do you complement each other by having different inspirational sources?We all come from different backgrounds musically, which actually is really cool. Gustaf has played a lot of jazz before, Simon played in a punk-pop band, and other members have been playing orchestral rock while some have been playing pop music since they started out in a band. It really complements our sound, and especially the guitar sound, where Gustaf has his jazz-ish sound complementing Sebastians U2-inspired landscapes.

How did your latest release come together? Tell us!
Three of the five songs on the EP that we’re releasing March 24th is from the cabin sessions. It is really cool that they made the cut all the way! The other two songs have been written since, we recorded them with Anton Sundell, a good friend of ours and a great producer in Nearby Studios. In the studio we actually had the time to get to know each other both musically and personally, and there is a great feeling of the happiness of creating something new on the EP!

How has the response and reactions to your music been so far? How do you feel about being featured on P3 Osignat?
The response has been way better than expected, and since we recorded ‘Fem Miljoner Hjärtslag’ two weeks after being in the cabin we really didn’t know what to expect.

When they called from the radio it of course felt really cool, since it’s the first song we ever played together. I think it really gave us a boost to do things in our own way in the future as well, and I think you will hear that on our EP.

What’s happening next? Any upcoming shows?
We’re in the stage of booking shows for the summer right now! Of course we’ve had all our focus on the EP until now, but since it’s done and ready for release we can focus on writing new material and doing some shows!

Any advice to your fellow Spinnup artists who wish to reach new heights?
Well, our lesson during these first weeks has to be that you really should try to make music that you like yourselves.

It really is hard sometimes of course, it’s easy to criticize yourself and to be too self-conscious. But try to do it your own way as much as possible, I think people really notice that when they listen to your songs!

Listen to their song “Fem Miljoner Hjärtslag” on Spotify.
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Keep an eye out for the EP “Pilotsonen” – COMING OUT MARCH 24TH.