Introducing: My Heart is a Metronome

My Heart is a Metronome is: Mattis Malinen (guitar/lead vocals), Gustaf Simonsson (bass/backup vocals), Felix Carlsten (drums/backup vocals).

My Heart is a Metronome is an alternative-rock trio with pop and folk influences. Recently winning the title of “Sweden’s best unsigned band” on national radio and soon to be touring England in October, My Heart is a Metronome is progressing fast – and they have no intention of stopping any time soon.

How did you get together?
MATTIS: It all started out as my solo project and after coming back from my first “hobo-tour”, which basically involved train-hopping through Europe with a guitar on my back. I felt that even though the songs worked perfectly stripped down, they reached for something more – a bigger sound. I tried to think of people who would be ambitious enough to fit in the band, and the first two I came to think of were Gustaf, who I knew from playing in a band with his younger brother way back, and Felix, who used to be in a band that one of my old bands arranged shows with. I invited them both (who’d never met before) for a jam-session and we all pretty much knew that night that we were going to be in a band together.

What is your musical background and when did you first start getting involved in music?
We all have very different musical backgrounds that encompass bands of various genres. Mattis and Felix are both self-taught, while Gustaf studied music, mostly jazz, in high school. Mattis started playing the guitar when he was 16 and never really tried singing ‘til years later, when the lead-singer in his band dropped out. Gustaf started playing classical guitar when he was 10, but fell in love with the bass in junior high. Felix started playing the drums when he was 14 after trying it in music class. As soon as he got home that day, he built his own drum kit out of old milk cartons and ice-cream buckets. It might sound like something a six year old kid would do, but that’s our drummer right there!

Who/what inspires you?
The list of what inspires us would be insanely long! We love music of all genres and believe that there is inspiration to be drawn from anything that’s good, basically.

How have listeners responded to your music so far? What were your expectations?
Thankfully the response has been great! We recently won a competition for unsigned bands on Swedish national radio thanks to our fantastic and dedicated fans. We all want to do this full time and we’re not going to lie – we put a lot of hope on our debut EP. At the same time, we can’t really say that we expected anything, we’re just very thankful at the moment.

What does the rest of 2014 have to offer? What’s happening next?
We’ve just been confirmed for a British tour which we are VERY excited about. Apart from that, there’s a lot of positive energy in the band at the moment and we have a bunch of new songs, which we can’t wait to record and release. We love the whole process of writing, rehearsing, recording, releasing and most of all playing our music live.

Listen to the EP “The Colouring” now!