Introducing: Mr.Williams

Here at Spinnup, not only do we love listening to your music, but we love listening to you! So, rather than tell you why you should listen to one of our beloved artists, we think you should hear it from the artist themselves. This week, we meet Spinnup’s own impressive Mr. Williams to talk about his upcoming summer single ‘Mai Tai’, emoji’s, living in LA and layered pizza…

Hey Mr. Williams, how’s 2018 been treating you?

I’ll say it’s definitely been a 50/50 one, 50% good and 50% stressful! But, I know the remainder of the year will be great, I’m really excited to put out some more new music

For everyone new to your music; please can you introduce yourself?

Well I go by Mr. Williams (previously under the name RsK) and I’m an artist, songwriter, producer and future platinum Grammy award nominated artist!

Loving the confidence! Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in London and raised up in Los Angeles hence my mixed accent. I say I’m a chilled, good vibes person. Always smiling and being creative.

On that note, having travelled quite a fair bit around the world, talk to us about this and how has this influenced your sound?

I guess meeting new people, hearing stories, being inspired by how different life is in these other countries and plus, how different the landscape is has influenced my sound by making sure when I make music, it’s not limited to one type of group, area or genre. I want my music to be played everywhere, even if they may not understand English but at-least the melody or a certain sound in the song which is familiar or warm to their ear.

So, how long have you been doing music?

I’ve been doing music since I was like 12 but, I say my career really started when I was able to purchase my own little studio equipment which motivated me to record music all day and night. Music to me is life; the sounds we hear, voices and colours around me automatically spark a random song or beat that comes to my mind. I actually have like a brain mp3 in my head, sounds weird but it’s true.

What are your biggest inspirations?

My biggest inspirations are my family, my partner and the future. For my family, just being able to make them proud, smile and dance means a lot, especially in my culture. As far as the future, it inspires me because you never know what will be the next big song or the next big platform or fashion so, this really gives us the opportunity to make the next big thing for the future.

Yeah definitely! Touching on the future, there are quite a lot of exciting things going on in the UK urban scene right now and it’s predicted to grow even more. What sets you apart from the rest?

I feel like my story and particularly my upbringing you know, being raised up in both the U.K. and US means something because I feel like I will be the artist that both sides can relate to and understand. I feel like just based on my voice and my background, once I get my time to show the world what I can do, I automatically will be the first UK/US artist to accomplish success in both places at the same time in my genre. Plus, I’m very diverse in my music. In my sessions, I do like 4/5 songs and they all have to sound different, for example, first song will be trap, then a pop type then R&B. I like to switch it up.

One thing that stays the same however is I’ve noticed you have an “On Point” trademark on most tracks and if it’s not this, it’s “Welcome to the Family” tell us about that, what does this mean?

‘On Point’ is the name of my production company which lets the listeners know that either myself or one of the writers or producers that are apart of ‘On Point’ created this song. It’s so funny actually, the name came up randomly when my friend Sharif said it on one of the demos we were doing and I turned a nice line into a business.

That’s amazing! With so many writers and producers all a part of ‘On Point’, who are some of your favourite artists at the moment?

I know this sounds so typical but honestly right now, I just listen to myself. I make so much music every day that I put it straight on my phone to listen back to it and then shuffle comes on and picks a song of mine that I completely forgot I made and then I end up at my destination and don’t have time to listen to what’s new haha.

What’s the most important thing as an artist you want people to feel when they hear your music?

To me, the thing really is just to “feel” when they hear my music. I want them to feel either happy, feel inspired, feel motivated, feel sad (like when as a guy you hear a song that relates to you and makes you realise you messed up on a good girl and that heartbreak or sadness makes you want to change or get her back). For me, a great example is ‘Time after Time’ I can’t remember the artist name but as soon as that song comes on, it makes me feel a type of way because of the lyrics and melody. 

Speaking of feelings, we are really ‘feeling’ the sneak peek we got of your upcoming single ‘Mai Tai’ set for release on 9th June! Tell us what it’s about? Who produced it and how did that come about?

Woah, 3 questions in one, slow down mate! Haha just joking. For me, after recording Mai Tai it reminded me so much of the session I did for my track ‘Pressure’. The hook came from the last two words of the first verse and the feeling of the record, no matter where you are, makes you want to get up and dance whilst of course having a catchy hook that will be stuck in your head! Honestly, I just like Mai Tais and wanted to name the song it. It’s produced by Certibeats and I wrote the song.

Sounds very structural, what would you say is your creative process?

To be honest, I don’t really have a specific one besides making at least 4 songs. But, I just hear a beat I like and I either go straight in the booth or write to it. My process varies every time.

Ok so to conclude this interview, here are some rapid-fire questions for you:

Favourite emoji?


Random fact about you?

I eat pizza in layers lol

Favourite song right now?

Pedestrian by Gunna

Favourite song of all time?

If This World Were Mine by Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn

Any artists you’d recommend right now?

Mr. Reed

Firahs TV

Anything anyone should look out for in the future? Any gigs?

These Days 2.0 EP coming out after ‘Mai Tai’ and shows/tours dates will be announced once the bag is secured, stay tuned!

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