New UMG Spinnup Signing: Michela

Meet Michela, at the tender age of 18 she has already won Malta’s X Factor, has represented her country in the Eurovision song contest and now she has signed to Universal Music Group Austria!

No big deal, right?

Before X-Factor Malta, Michela had won the Music Talent League in Lithuania, was a finalist in the Baltic Voices competition and jetted off the London to attended the Ultimate Artist development program.

So, in other words, she has been booked and busy, and although still very young she’s been on her grind consistently and fearlessly trying to achieve her dreams. Sound familiar?



Michela’s Spinnup release of “Chameleon”, released with us on April 4th has taken her on a musical journey that will forever mark a monumental time in her career.

“Chameleon” may not have awarded Michela the number one spot in the Eurovision song contest, but it won her a record contract and the hearts of millions – Chameleon’s streams have gone up 200% since the Eurovision aired to just under 5.5million!!!! Not too shabby for a debut record for a new artist and we’re looking forward to seeing what she does with her career now she is backed by our crew at UMG.


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