Introducing: Mezzanine

There are many great things in this life, but discovering new acts, especially on Spinnup (we’re very honest about being biased), is up there with one of the greatest. About two weeks ago we were cruising Spotify and had some gorgeous artwork catch our eye. Yes, good artwork gets attention, just read this post.


We clicked play on French band Mezzanine‘s debut release, a self-titled two track single, and they did not disappoint. ‘Above The Sun‘ is a gorgeous track drenched in sunny guitar chords and relaxed vocals – the kind of sound that makes you think of summer no matter how cold and wet the corner of London is that you’re writing this article from. But I digress…


The band have released a trippy colour-fuelled video to accompany the track, shot in a retro style that reminds you of VHS home movies of your holidays from the 90s. If you’re reading this and were born after 1995 you won’t know what I’m referring to.

As I write this ‘Above The Sun’ has already accumulated over 18,000 streams on Spotify – not bad for a debut release! We can’t wait to see what the band will put out next, but in the meantime we’ll be playing this on repeat and sitting under a heat lamp while we wait for summer.

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