Introducing: Mako Road

This week we introduce you to some of New Zealand’s South Island’s finest lads, Mako Road 

The four-piece from Christchurch, New Zealand comprises of Rhian Ward, Connor Jaine, Connor McErlich and Robbie Day. They first got our attention with their snazzy artwork for their latest EP The Green Superintendent and their music is just as colourful. 

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They’ve certainly established a New Zealand sound, similar to bands such as Marlin’s Dreaming and Albion Place. Mako Road provide us with folk, ska and reggae infused tunes with Tash Sultana-esque guitar riffs throughout.  

They have released two singles: The Sun Comes Up and Brodie Street/Daiquiri. Their five track EP The Green Superintendent, was released early February this year. “The name came from a sign found at our flat when we all moved in together at the start of summer”, the band told George and Harry of Sunday Best Radio.  

(Evidence below)


The EP was inspired by their month-long bender beforehand – sounds like these guys certainly know how to have fun! (check out their photos on Facebook for some of their crazy antics!) 

Track ‘Ride’ from their EP makes us want to take a carefree road trip along the coast with its sun-soaked tranquil vibes, whilst the groovy guitar hook on ‘The Green Superintendent’ is in our head for days. 

You only need to watch their videos to see what a fanbase they’ve already built. They have reached over 29,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and last year made Spotify’s New Zealand Viral 50 playlist. 

The band told Sunday Best Radio, that they’re laying low for a bit but will be back in June with some new stuff. Exciting. 

If you want to give Mako Road a follow, listen or a watch (we strongly recommend you do!) then head to their Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube channels