Introducing: LIA

LIA is Linnéa Rodén, an artist with her roots in the Stockholm archipelago who over the years has gravitated toward the pulse of the city. Later this year she will officially have earned the title ‘Music and Media Producer’ as she will have finished her studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

In addition to being busy with the music of LIA, she has created sound installations for spaces like libraries and museums, and recently collaborated with the innovative company Soundtrap in a promotional video that featured LIA’s new single Believers. Growing up, Linnéa was a sports nerd (handball) and a regular nerd (astronomy) with dreams of becoming an astronomer. However, these interests faded quickly when she was accepted to a music programme in upper secondary school and started freelance work as a studio singer.

Even before Linnéa decided to completely devote herself to music, she would sing all the time and just about everywhere: in the bathroom, in the locker room, in the classroom, until someone asked her to stop. At the age of fifteen, she not only got a fancy new telescope for Christmas, but also a synthesizer. She realized that creating music was something she should probably get more involved with.

When she decided to apply for upper secondary school, she had her mind set on a music programme. Luckily, she was accepted and eventually got to work as a studio singer with producer Glen Scott and the musician’s collective, Blacknuss. She then went on to further music studies at RML (Rockmusiklinjen) and it was during her time at RML that she began writing songs for her own project, LIA. The band started out as a pop group playing gigs in and around Stockholm. Linnéa became more interested in sound design and music production, which led her to the Royal College of Music and a Bachelor of Arts programme in Music and Media Production. Linnéa has developed her songwriting over many years, exploring different styles and sounds, and now feels she has found an expression that is honest and true to herself.

I usually find my inspiration in events, mostly historical. I read an article in a history magazine and then suddenly a song appears in my head and I have to run to the piano or pick up my phone to record what I hear. Usually, I put myself into the shoes of the people participating in the events, in order to try to explain what I see or feel, or even how I would have reacted if I had been there. Another way for me to get inspired is to create my own sounds, program my own drum beats, tweak plugins in Logic or use samples that I’ve recorded myself. I have a great fondness for world music and more than happily use instruments/rhythms/harmonies from all over the world. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush are my biggest influences in terms of writing music. I often hear sounds as colours and my own music is tinged with a shade of ice blue and turquoise.

Surprisingly, it’s usually metalheads who are the most enthusiastic about my compositions. They always ask me when or if I will release something new. Maybe it is because I’ve listened to a lot of progressive rock in the past and have put that into my own music. People seem to think that I have a unique sound and that there’s a common thread to all of my compositions, that you can hear directly when it’s my music. I’m often told that my music expresses itself in images, that it is cinematic and that it would fit well into movies.

LIA’s first single was released this year and the reaction was incredibly positive – people loved it. Linnéa is now focusing on completing LIA’s debut album. After having spent months in the studio, she misses performing live and is looking forward to touring in the future. Linnea is now ready to focus on being LIA and is excited to share her music with the rest of the world!


Listen to her debut single ‘Believers’ on Spotify.