Introducing: Lani Dawson

Sometimes when listening to all the music that comes through Spinnup you stumble upon a debut release that stops you in your tracks, which is exactly what happened earlier this week with Lani Dawson.

The Californian-based songstress released her debut single ‘Visions Of You‘ on Spinnup in early December, accompanied by some gorgeous cover art that reminds us of the golden years of early ’00s R&B.

Lani Da

We were impressed by the high-quality of the production, a slick R&B track layered with pounding 808s and claps that will have your head nodding in no time. But even such impressive production comes second to Lani’s voice – full of emotion, the vocals stand out beautifully from the beat, showcasing Lani’s range and vocal style.

According to her Instagram, an album is in the works for 2018 and needless to say we will be waiting anxiously to hear it!

Stream or download Visions on your preferred music service here, or stream on Spotify below