Introducing: KOOLKID

We at Spinnup are incredibly proud to introduce someone who is certified to become one of UK Pop’s finest, the incredible KOOLKID with his debut single ‘2 SOON‘.


From a young age, KOOLKID has been surrounded by live music, building his musical identity and career since the young age of 15 with constant songwriting efforts, cutting his teeth with live performances all across the UK. An accomplished songwriter, ​KOOLKID has penned tracks for some prominent pop acts, including K-Pop icons ​BTS​. The Scotsman co-wrote ​‘Mikrokosmos’ from the group’s chart-topping​ ‘Map of the Soul:Persona’ E​P​. The relationship between KOOLKID​ and​ BTS ​looks set to continue with future releases in the pipeline.



Now, ​KOOLKID shines in his own deserved spotlight, unveiling his shimmering debut single, ​‘2 SOON’​. ‘2 SOON’ ​flaunts a chilled atmospheric pop sound, blending organic and electronic elements to masterful effect. ​KOOLKID​’s smooth emotive vocal is at the forefront of the catchy yet delicate pop track.


“The song is about being in a relationship and knowing it’s not working out the way you intended” he told us “..but you’re scared to mention it because it’s too soon and things might get better… ‘​ 2 SOON’ ​brings this concept to life”



2 SOON’ ​is a cleverly crafted introduction into ​KOOLKID​’s promising sound and vocal ability. Armed with new material, which is due for release this year with us, ​KOOLKID is an artist to watch. Make sure you check out ‘2 SOON‘ and go follow KOOLKID over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.