Introducing: KKS

This week we are introducing the Hiphop/Rap trio KKS:

Who are KKS?
We are three guys just doing our thing, mrpduvet, Majoren and President P, creating music we can proudly say is ours.

How old are you all and where are you originally from?
We are 23 to 24 years old and we live in a place in west Sweden called Uddevalla & Trollhättan. Originally all of us are come from a small place called Ödeborg in Dalsland.

What is your musical background and when did you start with music? How did the group come together?
We’ve always been involved in music in one way or another, ever since we were kids. Individually we’ve produced and recorded music since we were 12 to 13 years old, but we as a group started kickin’ for the first time for about 6 or 7 years ago now. Back then it was very popular to make Hiphop/rap on electronic beats, so we decided to follow that new generation. The 3 next years we split and didn’t record anything for a time until the fall of last year when a friend called us and hooked up a gig in our hometown Uddevalla. After that we decided to regroup and go back to the basic influence of Hiphop.

Who inspires you?
It’s not really who inspires us, it’s what just what comes to mind. And we got a lot on our minds, really! Haha.

Do you find yourselves being inspired by similar things or do you complement each other by having different inspirational sources?
We’re all inspired by the same type of music, although the songs always end up different than we thought they would in the beginning.

What inspired your latest release?
Our latest song (FVCK) was inspired by how we live at the weekends really.

How has the response and reactions to it been so far?
People seem to like it, it’s not really our sound but we think it worked out great with Adam Gozdzik.

What were your expectations?
Usually we try not to have high expectations but of course you hope for a hook up of some sort.

What’s happening in the new year?
A lot of new music, videos and more!

You can listen to their latest release through Spinnup here: KKS – Vridna Tankar
And here is the latest song ‘FVCK’ on Souncloud.
Don’t forget to visit their Spinnup and Facebook profiles.