Introducing: Kastrup

This week we introduce Kastrup –  a Malmö based alternative pop duo, Timmie and Puppe.

What is your musical background and when did you begin making music?
Puppe: I started as a drummer at the age of 10 and then moved on to guitar. I got hold of a cracked version of Cubase and started to explore songwriting and music production. I went to the Malmö academy of music to study music production which is where I met Timmie. The rest is history!
Timmie: I got a guitar when I was 17 and started to write songs and sing. I loved it, started a band and was accepted into the Malmö Academy of Music to study music production. I then quit the band and after meeting Puppe, I got restless and we founded Kastrup!

Who/what inspires you?
Puppe: Ok… this is always a hard question to answer, I guess because I don’t have a specific inspiration source to pinpoint. I am inspired by everything from Queens of the Stone Age, Frida Sundemo, to Deadmau5 and my mom! Right now I’m really into the songwriters/producers Salem Al Fakir, Vincent Pontare & Magnus Lidehäll.
Timmie: Uhmm… Right now I’m a sucker for Jonathan Johansson’s latest release Lebensraum! – the songs are nice and the lyrics are epic! I’ve always been inspired by people and music which tells stories and inspires people to think such as songwriters like Tomas Öberg (Bob Hund) and Joakim Berg (Kent).

Tell us more about your latest release Thieves.
Timmie: It’s actually a very old song that I wrote for 5 or 6 years ago. It started out as a pretty naked, mellow song with acoustic strumming but evolved into more of a “synth environmental” piece when I met Puppe and the musicians we play with (Joakim, Edvin, Andreas). Thieves is a pretty slow, electronic-type pop ballad about made-up boundaries.

How has the response to your music been so far?
It’s all been surprisingly overwhelming! We’ve received so many good words from people, good reviews from bloggers, radio and critics. It’s an amazing feeling. We try to suck it in as much as we can!

What are your expectations for this year?
This year has started out pretty awesome, and hopefully the awesomeness will continue throughout the year. We’d love to reach more listeners, build a bigger fanbase and also meet them face to face on our live gigs all over Sweden. ALSO we just moved in to our OWN STUDIO!! So we expect to spend a lot of time in this cosy cellar in the center of Malmö writing new music.

What’s happening next – any releases, gigs or tours coming up?
We have some radio interviews and live sessions planned. On 21st of April we will release the music video for Thieves and then on 24th of April we will support Little Jinder at her gig on Babel here in Malmö. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Listen to Thieves on Spotify!