Introducing: KamiKwazi

One of the things we love most here at Spinnup is discovering new artists from around the globe, particularly ones with a message to their music. One such artist is Zimbabwean born, UK based KamiKwazi – (which means in short, ‘Know Thyself’). The 19 year-old producer/songwriter first caught our attention in 2017 with his single ‘Move’. This year the he is back with his latest release, ‘Women’.

KamiKwazi Women

Within his music, he challenges himself to explore different styles and topics. The new single featuring Renzo, released shortly before International Women’s Day on March 8th, is inspired by the women in his life.

“The fact is that when most male musicians talk about women in their music, its normally sexual. But I love my mother, my sister and all my female friends, relatives, and girlfriend. So I felt it was needed for a male to stand side to side with females and help in the movement for them being “appreciated”.”

Although initially an R&B artist, KamiKwazi uses a range of sounds and instruments in his music from luscious flute hooks, to brass and guitar to produce more of a fusion of R&B/funk/soul and hip hop. KamiKwazi says that his music is inspired by water as “it takes the shape of whatever object it’s put in, and when that object is full it overflows, flowing to every surrounding area; exploring and taking shape and fitting in. But it can also be very aggressive and chaotic at times.”


We can certainly hear the variation of music in his 2017 single ‘Apple of My Eyes’ where the producer takes us on a journey of the unexpected, from flowy guitars to brass, whilst adopting a slow groovy The Weeknd type vibe.

He has also collaborated with Kiet, Lorenzo and J’Marli and also remixed Kehlani’s ‘Honey’, and as well as his three Spinnup-released tracks on Spotify, KamiKwazi has built up quite the collection on his Soundcloud page.

As if he wasn’t talented enough already, he not only produces his own music but does his own artwork and photography! Oh and his favourite fruit is a mango 🙂

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image credit: Nathalie Juma/@creationofnj