Introducing: Johan Lööw & Impulserna

This week we’re introducing the recently scouted band Johan Lööw & Impulserna. Patrik Carlsson on drums, Pontus Blom on bass, Edward Sensier on guitar and Johan Lööw on vocals and guitar. They are all from the seaport city of Uddevalla, on the west coast of Sweden.

How did you get together?
It all happened very quickly! From showing my rough song ideas to Patrik, to becoming a band, to recording an album at Nacksving in Gothenburg… it was all so fast.

What is your musical background and when did you start with music?
We all started out with various bands as part of Uddevalla’s live music scene. I started taking guitar lessons from around 10, when my friend Sofia and I would hang out at Skogslyckan youth centre learning music and eating candy! Juha Puro worked there and became our very own guitar hero. He taught us power chords and how important the overdrive pedal was to create the right, cool sound. After a while, I grew in technique and confidence and could play almost all of Ebba Grön’s songs. It was a great place to start out and explore music; I think the most my parents had to pay for a semester at the centre was 50 bucks!

Who/what inspires you?
For me, for example, I think it’s Laleh’s artistic attitude and Jeff Tweedy’s classic, yet timeless, song writing ability. I feel the new generations of Swedish pop/rock bands are missing some of that attitude and inspiration. As a band, to be able to fill that artistic vacuum is a dream to us; we want to be able to create that inspiration for others.

What has the response to your music been like? What were your expectations?
We’ve had a great response to our music. It feels amazing but a bit strange at the same time; people talk about how our music plays such a huge part of their lives – their memories, their feelings. To create music that embodies everything you stand for, and to have people accept it for what it is, is all that matters to us. We’ve only ever wanted to get out and play live to all types of people and build our fan base.

What does 2014 have to offer? What’s happening next?
During the summer we’ll be playing at a bunch of festivals and events. We’ve almost finished our album, we just need to finish the mixing and mastering and then it’s done! We’ve kept it secret for so long, we can’t wait to finally release it.

Listen to their album Johan Lööw och Impulserna!