Introducing: Joey Massa

Joey Massa is a producer & DJ with a huge interest towards music, not genres! Read about his background, music and latest collaborations.

How old are you and where are you originally from?
I’m 21 years old and am based in Malmö in the south of Sweden.

What is your musical background and when did you start with music?
My musical background is with the piano. I’ve played piano since I was a kid but as I grew up I found myself aspiring towards making electronic music. I started first by learning how to DJ and wanted to master that craft before I moved onto producing music. I’ve been producing music for almost 2 years now.

Who/what inspires you?
Oh wow! Anyone and anything can inspire me. I don’t listen to any specific genre so I find inspiration in any kind of music. Everything from hip-hop to techno to festival house. Right now I’m hooked on everything that Kastle does. He’s so musically diverse that I find inner peace and take a huge amount of inspiration at the same time.

What inspired your release BLVCK?
BLVCK is actually one of the first tracks I’ve ever made by myself. I had it finished almost a year ago but it has just been lying around, mostly since I didn’t really feel that people were ready for that vibe yet. A couple of months back I refined it and released it! The name BLVCK comes from the fact that the color black is my only colour. I’ve been wearing nothing but black clothes for the past 2 years now.

Your release has received some positive response, to say the least. What were your expectations, did you see it coming?
I had no expectations whatsoever to be honest. I was kind of worried that the response would be weak but I decided to make a killer cover art to grab the peoples attention so that they at least would give the track a chance. So far the responses have been so huge that it puts pressure on me to make more tunes right now!

You seem to have met a lot of other producers and DJs. What has that been like? Anyone in particular you’ve enjoyed working with?
Haha, yes that’s true! It’s been an amazing and rewarding experience so far. Not to sound like a douche but I’m actually a pro in talking to huge artists without making the situation awkward and actually making it work to my advantage. The amount of connections I’ve made is just ridiculous.

Working with all these different artists have given me so much experiences that it’s kind of hard to name just one in particular, but if I have to choose I’d say Major Lazer, Style of Eye & Adrian Lux have been my favorite artists to work with so far.

How did producer/DJ Diplo come across your music? Tell us how it all came about.
It actually all just started randomly when I got the request to remix Major Lazer’s single Jet Blue Jet. When it got approved I got invited by them to hang out at their show in Copenhagen. After that I’ve been sending Diplo and the whole Major Lazer crew some tracks that they’ve been loving. It was just so crazy that they dropped BLVCK twice during the BBC Radio 1 show. So unexpected!

What does 2014 have to offer? What’s happening next?
Music! So much new music! I recently finished off my ALL BLVCK EVERYTHING Tour in Sweden. We’re planning to take the tour to the US and other countries right now. Other than that I have some festival shows planned this summer here in Sweden. Also I have some huge remixes, singles and great collaborations on big labels coming out! So for me, 2014 is all about hard work in the studio trying to make the right tracks at the right time!

You have certainly found an interesting way in reaching new levels in your career. If an artist isn’t scouted, what would your advice be for them to be able to reach the next level?
For me promotion and connections is the key to success! No matter what kind of music you make. My advice for new talents is that you should put just as much time in promotion and making new connections as the time you spend making the music! Learn different promotion techniques, talk to people. Make sure that your name gets out there. Sites like Spinnup, Spotify and Soundcloud are perfect platforms to get your music out there. Without the right promotion it’s hard to be noticed in this jungle of new music. Make sure you connect with the right people, learn how to talk to agents that you might meet and learn how to promote your music in a way so that it becomes interesting for the people to hear. My last advice is to be self-critical. Ask yourself, is my track good enough to send to this label? Don’t rush into stuff. You only get one first impression!