Introducing: Jasmïn

This week let us introduce you to French singer-songwriter and producer Jasmïn! She just released her debut EP ‘Dive’ last Friday and we can tell you it’s great! At only 22, Jasmïn’s voice is mature and melodious and the sounds on the EP are a perfect blend of assorted styles. While ‘Legacy’ has a Lorde feel to it and ‘Secret Garden’ sounds pop; other tracks are more RnB driven.

Jasmïn was raised in Paris by Buddhist parents and got to travel a lot growing up, hence the international sound and her lyrics being in English. Her dad used to be a saxophone player, causing her to always been surrounded by music as a child; especially RnB which has clearly shaped her music.

When it came to making this EP, Jasmïn wanted to be herself and do the music she likes, managing to make the EP feel very authentic.

‘Dive’ was mixed by Grammy Award-winning Dave Pensado, who has worked with legendary musicians such as Beyoncé and Michael Jackson! Jasmïn also collaborated with producers on two songs on the EP, but other than that she self-produced the songs in her bedroom.

Jasmïn is no stranger to the stage, having toured with French band Jabberwocky as their live singer in 2015. Last night her release party for ‘Dive’ took place – the first stage where she got to sing her own songs!

Watch the hypnotic video for ‘Dive’ produced by Lokmane, who also worked with our first French artist signed to Universal: Nelick.

We wanted to know more about Jasmïn and her project so we got in touch and asked her a few questions.. let’s dive right into her world


 Hi Jasmïn. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Jasmïn, I’m a singer-songwriter and producer. I love animals, good food and spending time with my loved ones (on top of music of course)! I was born and raised in Paris by very chill and understanding parents. They’ve been Buddhist for the past 30 years so I grew up around that culture and philosophy. That’s also how I learned English ‘cause we travelled a lot and I had many English speaking friends! My life is mainly about making music these days, I’m really lucky to be able to do what I love and to have my family around.


 When did you start making music? What made you want to make music in the first place?

I started playing the piano when I was four because I had heard my neighbour play and fell in love with the sound. There was always music playing around the house when I was young and singing came very naturally.


Awesome! How would you describe your style?

It’s hard for me to say because I have many different inspirations that you can hear depending on the song. But I guess I would say R&B mixed with Pop, and with Hip-hop elements as sprinkles.


 What inspired you to write ‘Dive’?

I had just broken up with my first love and realised how I had gotten myself lost into this relationship and didn’t know myself. I had also just started to learn how to use Logic Pro and wanted to make music just by myself after my previous demos (that I had done with composers and producers) weren’t exactly the music I wanted to share with the world.


 What are the main themes of your EP?

The first track I wrote was “Weak For Love” and the second one was “Dive”, which are about love and becoming who you really are. I think this EP is about self-acceptance and self-understanding mostly. It’s a very introspective project. I wrote it when I was in transition between childhood and adulthood, getting to know who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. It’s also about family, my dreams and my fears.


Visuals seem important for you, how do you come up with such compelling visuals for your project? 

I think visuals are almost as important as music these days! It can really elevate the sound and show another side of the artist’s project so it’s crucial to find the right mood and angle! I am still learning a lot about that but from the very beginning I really tried to create visuals that would fit my music. I watched a lot of videos, created moodboards on Pinterest to find as much inspiration as I could, and then just listened to my music trying to visualise how it resonated in me and how I would picture it in a video. And the last step was to find the right people to help me materialise what I had in mind because I’m not a video maker or photographer (at least not yet haha).


Are you planning on touring France or abroad anytime soon? 

Yes for sure! I hope I can start touring France in 2019 and would love to perform abroad as soon as I can.


Looking forward to that! What are you looking forward to next? 

I’m really looking forward to learning more, meeting and collaborating with amazing people and, later on, share my experience and knowledge with young artists.


Thanks Jasmine!

Stream ‘Dive’ down below and make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget her Youtube channel for more beautiful videos.