Introducing: Jaquline Ronneklew

“I breathe and love music so much that it truly makes me want to cry happy tears.” This week we present an artist with one very unique voice – Jaquline Ronneklew:

How old are you and where are you originally from?
I’m 26 and originally from a beautiful village named Vindeln in the north of Sweden and I’ve been living in Stockholm for the past five years. I loved growing up close to nature and it has shaped me a lot as a person. I also find the pulse of Stockholm very stimulating right now in my life. My mother is half Indonesian so that explains my exotic features.

What’s your musical background? When did you start with music?
I began singing as a child and as I grew older I fell in love with the art of writing. I learned to play the guitar at the age of 22 and since all these three elements are my passions it felt natural to combine them into writing and composing my own songs. I love everything from the making of them, which works as a way of making order in the chaos inside my heart, haha, to recording in the studio but mostly to perform them live.

Parallel with my music I have been a sailor, season worker, waitress and a cleaning lady at a cruise ship called “Hurtigruten” in Norway for four years which is known for being ‘The world’s most beautiful voyage’. Being in the ocean between the fjords and the incredible nature for three weeks at a time, I’m sure brought a lot of creativity out of me. You hardly ever have so much time reflecting over things as there, and I have written almost all of my songs onboard. (Haha, whatever works).

Where do you find your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from everything from the relationships I have had and have now, to everyday life, to thinking clear on the ocean, to friends, lovers, beautiful music (Joni Mitchell, Massive Attack, Beyonce, This Mortal Coil, MuMford and Sons, etc), poetry and good films.

What was the process for your release “Wild at Heart” – what inspired this EP?
The tracks on the Ep are the three songs that I think represent me and my musical spectrum the most. They are different but still feel like a trinity and the thing they have in common is that they are all very close to my heart and from my heart. My producers, Fredrik Joelson and Per Nordmark and the musicians contributing all inspired me very much with their ideas, lust and love for music during the process and recording.

You had a collaboration with Titiyo on one of the tracks – what was it like working with her?
Titiyo and I met through a couple of friends over a dinner last year. After some bonding and listening we found out that we wanted to do something together. Since she is my one of my absolute favorite singers it made me feel very honored and excited when she instantly said that she liked my voice and songs. We met again a couple of weeks later and I played her the demo of ‘Falling’, she loved it and some time later she came to the studio and added her fantastic vocals to the track, and I’m so proud of the result.

What has the response to your release been like?
I’m so overwhelmed and thankful that the response has been this great. We released it by ourselves without any big record label. We got some beautiful blog reviews and last week, just four days after the release, I was on the cover of the newspaper ‘Metro’ next to the headline ‘The futures voice belongs to Jaquline’.

Inside the paper was a big picture of the EP cover and a fantastic review written by one of Sweden’s biggest music journalists and radio host Ametist, where it got five out of five globes. The number of plays it has gotten on Spotify and iTunes is amazing since I am coming from the underground scene.

I hope all of this is because maybe people can hear that I mean what I sing and that it speaks to them.

What’s next: any upcoming releases or shows?
The next thing is to release the video for “Wild At Heart” on the Swedish channel Svtplay through PSL on Monday.  I have had a lot of gigs lately. On Story Hotel, The Fotografiska museum and at a great venue in Uppsala for the charity show “Musikhjälpen” on P3 and SVT. After that we have a gig in Marie Levau in January.

I breathe and love music so much that it truly makes me want to cry happy tears. This is all down to the people that are listening and supporting.

Listen to Jaquline’s EP Wild At Heart.