Introducing: Isabelle Mettle

At Spinnup we get to discover lots of amazing new artists that’s why when we stumbled upon this artist, we just had to write about her. This week, let us introduce you to Isabelle Mettle, a UK Spinnup artist based in London who has just unleashed her first single.

We don’t know what impresses us most, her incredible voice or the fact that she came up with such a terrific song at 15. That’s right 1-5.



The track is called ‘Orange’ and was released early September on Spinnup. On ‘Orange’ Isabelle oozes Billie Eilish vibes with her voice a combination of a powerful and angelic breeze, managing to create the most soothing harmonies. While the title might sound bright and fun, ‘Orange’ deals with serious themes for such a young artist, exploring relationships and their uncertain nature.



Her rhythms are subtle yet catchy and the calm beats make the song sound oh so serene.

Isabelle also regularly uploads covers on her Youtube channel where she posts covers of well-known tunes as well as her own music, and her own ‘battles’ where she mashes up a variety of songs into one seamless tune.

We loved this cover of Clown by Emili Sandé which you can check out below:



Make sure to follow Isabelle on Twitter and Instagram where she posts short clips of covers and updates on her music. Also, follow her on Spotify subscribe to her Youtube channel for many more great videos to come!