Introducing: HUSH

Jesse Hauser, also known as HUSH is an US based musician and producer that we want to Introduce you to this week. Now living in Los Angeles, hHUSH is originally from St Louis, Missouri, where he learnt to play the drums as a teenager, playing in several high school bands to perfect his skill.

Branching into more of the electronic side of things, he’s now focused on primarily on music production. Indeed, he has his own project with his own tracks but HUSH also produces music for other artists.

We first discovered HUSH when he was featured on the ‘Germany Viral 50’ playlist with his remix of ‘Gucci Gang’ which earned more than 700K streams on Spotify. As a result, HUSH  is now truly cross-continental with a strong audience in Germany and in Europe.


He’s recently released two more tracks ‘YUMMY’ and ‘In My Feelings’ with us.

YUMMY’ is a catchy and summery tune featuring rapper Ollie Joseph, while

his latest single, ‘In My Feelings’, is a cover of Drake’s hit. HUSH’s rendition is a shorter and calmer version of the viral smash, with subtle instrumental and a focus on the voice, but it surely is as danceable as the original!

HUSH doesn’t only have a musical talent but he also launched his own clothing brand Goose this summer!

Make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud and subscribe to his Youtube channel for more!