Introducing: Gone in the Sun

This week we introduce the talented band of four – Gone in the SunThe members, Pontus, Max, Patrik and Daniel, told Spinnup their story:

What is your musical background and when did you begin making music?
Pontus: Max and I met through a mutual friend 3 years ago and just decided that we should try to write something together. Since we didn’t have so much songwriting experience, we really felt the collaboration would take us both to a new level.
Max: When we had some demos done, we wanted to try them out with a band. Daniel, Patrik and I had been playing together for a long time, so of course they were the obvious choice for the project.

What inspires you?
Patrik: The process can be triggered by pretty much anything… a movie, a strange melody or whatever…
Max: And then it goes through a filter, based on the messy process of figuring out who and where you are…
Patrik: The lost souls…
Pontus: Hah exactly, the lost souls. When it comes to musical influences though, we’ve been listening to a lot of Black Keys lately.

Tell us more about your latest release
Max: Sound-wise, it feels like the second chapter to our debut single ’Beaches’, all though the lyrics are totally different.
Pontus: Yes, the sound of these two songs introduces the entire project.
Max: The feeling of ‘Shine’ came out of the idea that you are your own worst enemy…
Pontus: It’s quite melancholy, with a catchy chorus.

How has the response to your music been so far?
Daniel: We’ve had a really good response from friends…
Max: Haha, and from our Mums!
Daniel: But seriously, I’ve felt support from many different places.
Pontus: Yeah, some blogs have been written about us, and people seem to be listening on Spotify and so on. I think we’re off to a really decent start.

What are your expectations for this year?
Daniel: Continuing to release music…
Pontus: Get more people to hear about us…
Daniel:  And hopefully come out and play some gigs later this year.

What’s happening next – any releases or gigs coming up?
Max: Maybe we’ll give you all a holiday tune during Summer, but we’ll see…
Pontus: We’re planning to release an EP after the Summer, and there’s so much stuff going on. We’re really looking forward to sharing more music.

Listen to their latest song SHINE on Spotify!