Introducing: Frida Andersson

Her  distinct and beautiful Finnish-Swedish tunes have made their way into our hearts. This week Spinnup’s happy to introduce Frida Andersson.

Who is Frida Andersson?
I’m a Singer/songwriter. I’ve released two albums, ‘Sister’ (2012) and ‘Håll mej hårt’ (2014) on my own label, Casual Friday Music. My debut album ‘Busy Missing You’ (2009) was released on Cosmos Music Group.

How old are you and where are you originally from?
I’m 25 years old and I’m from the Southern part of Finland, from a small town called Ekenäs. I’m a Swedish-speaking Finn, so my mother-tongue is Swedish. For the last three years, my home town has been Stockholm.

What is your musical background and when did you start with music?
When I was a 3-year-old kid, I would perform in front of people together with my sisters and my father. Daddy is a troubadour so music was always present in my childhood. I wrote my first song at the age of 16, that’s also when I started learning how to play the guitar. Before that my main instrument was classical piano..

I moved to Sweden after I graduated from High School (2006) and attended a one-year Singer/songwriter course at Kulturama (Stockholm). It was an amazing year!

Practically one year after I bumped into my record deal with Cosmos Music Group. I must admit that Kulturama was the real starting point of my career. There I realised that I wanted to live for and with music and create it as a full-time profession.

Who inspires you?
Everything! Everyone! It has sort of become my lifestyle, to be open to things that happen around me. My friends inspire me of course, some ex-boyfriends as well, also just random people on the streets. I love to sit down at a café and silently observe others behavior. I try not to behave too suspiciously incase people think I’m a spy. I live my life with all my tentacles out, so to speak.

What inspired your album ‘Håll Mej Hårt’?
My first two albums are in English. This time I wanted to try something new. It was sort of a coincidence that I started to write in Swedish though. My good friend went through a nasty break up and I wanted to write a song that would give her courage to carry on. Maybe because I got so touched by her story, the words came out in the language of my feelings. I tend to write my songs for others and then later when I read my lyrics, then I can see I kind of wrote them for me also.

How has the response and reactions to the album been? What were your expectations?
This ‘write-in-Swedish-thing’ is so new for me, so I don’t think I had many expectations really. I’ve had a lot of wishes and dreams though. I received an award last year from Swedish Radio channel, Vegapriset and for ‘the woman artist of the year’ in Finland. I´m happy with the response I’ve got on the album so far and I’m glad they choose to play my songs on the radio.

What’s happening in the new year?
My wish is to get to tour Scandinavia with my new material. Last year I toured some cities in China with my album Sister. I’m afraid they don´t appreciate my ‘Mumin’ accent over there, haha..

I’m working together with my PR assistant on things at the moment. I’ve done a lot of interviews and more are to come. We’re also working on a gig schedule for Spring/Summer. I try to live for the day and hope I can continue to live on my music!