Introducing: Faragó

This week we introduce the Hiphop/Rap & Jazz band Faragó. The band consists of the memebers Oskar Kviman, Frans Torell, Nikolai Skorpen Andersson, Viktor Spasov, Jonathan Lavotha and Leo Salomon.

When did you start the band? How did it happen?
Faragó was initially a two-man dream. The founders of the band, Oskar and Frans, wanted to start up a project that could be more serious than previous incarnations. The problem before had been that the band was made up of different members at different times – and a project is not the same as a band. A band is more than just music, it is a feeling of togetherness.

We achieved this feeling eventually, but in a very unexpected place; in a grimy, smokey cabin on the boat between Stockholm and Riga, where we were traveling to play at a festival. We wrote new music together, jamming and singing all the way. After that trip, we realised this was more than just a project. There and then we had become Faragó. The members who were on the boat are those who currently play in the band.

What are the members’ previous connections to music – through school, hobby, other projects?

We all have a musical background. We grew up with parents who played the piano, string instruments, a jazz drummer-dad, a jazz guitarist mother and relatives in the industry. All of us have gone our own way, but taken with us these memories and inspirations from childhood. The majority of the band studies music and want to be working in music for the foreseeable future.

Where do you find inspiration to your music?
We find inspiration in what is currently happening and what has happened in the past. The song Downtown / Archipelago was written during our Lithuania trip, where we achieved a good and authentic atmosphere that then influenced the music. The lyrics helped to create the mood, Oskar uses recurring characters and storytelling as tools for this. The essential characteristic of how we sound comes from our diverse range of influences, this entails a hybrid of classic rock, contemporary R&B, hip hop, soul and mainstream pop. No one in the band is afraid to play around with these influences, of course remembering the craft of songwriting, but with a freedom and playfulness that sets us apart from many other more genre-bound bands.

What was the process like when you were working on your EP Downtown /Archipelago?
We took a bunch of microphones from a school, drove out to a house and just went for it. Thanks to our drummer Leo and his knowledge of setting things up we could run the vocals in the closet with the drums and bass in the living room, etc. We only stopped working to eat dinner and to go skinny dipping. Brass and strings were recorded in an apartment at Skanstull.

How do you feel the overall response has been like?

The response has been good, however some negative reaction is unavoidable: Pontus De Wolfe made the suggestion that we sing in Swedish and there was an A&R who didn’t get the right feeling. Meanwhile, Playground Music, some of your Spinnup-Scouts, Ten Music Group and some others have expressed their interest to see us live. Some even want to come and listen to the rehearsals. We’ve been mentioned in the music blog “Songs for Whoever” and remixes have been made on a couple of songs. Small partnerships have begun with people who liked our EP, and who have helped us set up gigs – including our upcoming release party.

Have you had any gigs lately? How was it?
In the past, all the time we had was spent working on the EP or things related to it. Our festival gig in Lithuania last summer was quite insane though. We closed off the entire festival with performing in front of loads of people and were signing autographs afterwards. Massive/Insane/Amazing??! In Stockholm we have, during our time together, played at different places including Debaser, Medis, Fasching, Stampen etc.

What happens next?

Now the live shows begin. We start in November with 3 minor company gigs. Then we will have a release party on 2 December at Scandic Malmen in Stockholm. The same week we play at Kulturhuset. Come and see us if you’re in town! We promise you a great show.


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