Introducing: Ember Island

Rooted in various genres including classical music, jazz, post hardcore and pop – here is Ember Island.

What is your musical background and when did you begin making music?
We’ve been more or less self-taught in instruments like guitar, piano, viola and singing since we were kids. The three of us met about two years ago and started creating what soon came to be “Ember Island”.

What and who inspires you?
Anything that moves us… maybe a story, an interesting sound, an atmosphere or a heavy guitar-riff. We listen to a lot of music like Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Coldplay and maybe that shows in our music.

Tell us more about your single Stay.
Stay is a really special song to us. It was the first song we wrote and recorded together as a band, before any of the covers. So we wanted it to be our first single. It represents the beginning of something new and holds a lot of memories for us as a band.

What about your other single, a version of Where Are Ü Now, that was picked up and included as an official remix on Where Are Ü Now (Remixes) – what¹s the story behind this?
We loved the original song and wanted to do our own version. We saw the potential of a more acoustic version of it – so we just went for it! It got a lot of good response and after a while Atlantic Records reached out wanting it to be a part of the remix-package! Such an honour to get that kind of recognition!

How has the response to your music been so far?
Absolutely overwhelming! It’s just incredible to have people from all over the world telling us our music has changed their life… We love doing what we do and if other people love it as well – then that’s more than we could ever have expected.

What are your expectations for this year?
Releasing more original music and some exciting collaborations! But other than that, just keep building Ember Island. We want it to be not just about the music, but also a concept, a movement, a place. But that’s really a never-ending goal.

What¹s happening next ­- any releases or gigs coming up?
At this moment we’re finishing up our EP so hopefully that will be our next release!

Listen to Where Are Ü Now and Stay on Spotify.