Introducing: D$wiss

We’re back this week to introduce you to D$wiss, an Angolan-born English rapper, singer  and songwriter based in Manchester. With the help of his crew he’s released no less than two albums and eight singles – half of them in Spanish – in the past year.

An incredibly versatile artist, his wide range of styles include serving up vibes with a distinctly Latino or British flair but always with an slick American twist. Despite the diversity of his releases, D$wiss is consistent in the way he focuses on quality and delivers well-crafted and produced tracks for his fans to enjoy.



And there’s no signs he’s about to stop; D$wiss started the new year just right by releasing ‘B.B.D (Bop to the Beat and Dash)’, a brisk and distinctly London-sounding single which was produced by his longtime friendDexxter. The whip smart lyrics and trap inspired production will have you addicted in no time and is guaranteed to get your head nodding.

D$wiss cites Travis Scott and Tory Lanez as inspirations; artists that exist within a similar sound and have their own brand of dark melodies and trap driven production. His single 2018 Spinnup release ‘Mayday’ captures this sound perfectly, while clearly capturing the attention of fans – being streamed more than 210K times on Spotify.



With an impressive following of 17K on Instagram, D$wiss has built up an active fan community on social media who he engages with regularly and invites to put their own spin on his music, sharing videos of his fans dancing and singing to his tunes.


Want to join in? Make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Souncloud and check out his Youtube for more remixes. You can follow him on Spotify and stream B.B.D down below if you haven’t already!