Introducing: Denis Alic

Denis Alic, previously known as D-Nice, was born and raised in Malmö (Sweden). He is about to turn 24 and is now aiming for a top spot on the Swedish hiphop scene with support from Let’s Do This MGMT, which he signed to earlier this year.

Being active in music since 2003, he now has hundreds of songs released and hundreds of thousands YouTube-hits to his name. From being a leading force in the growth of the Swedish underground scene for his genre, Denis Alic has in recent years been acclaimed by Swedish hiphop icons such as Advance Patrol and Linda Pira, and is quickly gaining support for his fitness in expressing himself with raw lyricism.

He is the youngest of three brothers who introduced him to, and paved the way for his passion. Seeing them perform their music on stage and control the crowd sparked an immediate interest at a very young age.

“My inspiration comes from all I have seen and things I have faced and struggled with. To explain it in one word, my biggest inspiration is life.”

The song Komma Iväg that is being released by Spinnup, is his official debut single and has already received praise from local music profiles and can be heard regularly on the local radio. A music video for this track is also in the making and is to be release shortly after the track is officially released on the 25th of this month (November 2014).

“Despite the fact that the year is coming to an end, we have a lot going on and the team is working harder than ever to make it all happen”. This single is the first of two, that are to be release before year’s end.

Followers can also expect an EP which is predicted to be released in late January. “In the year to come, I’m aiming to do a lot of shows. Nothing beats standing on stage. It’s as simple as that.”

Listen to Komma Iväg on Spotify.

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