Introducing: Cosmic Soul Collective

Harnessing the true power of collaboration, this week we bring to you Bristol based artistic troupe ‘Cosmic Soul Collective’ with their 2018 EP ‘So Slow’ featuring members Jevon Ives and Astrid.

The expressive 13-piece ‘family’ resulted from the 2016 aspirations of founder Neil Corcoran, eager to nourish the creativity of Bristol. Only two years later, their focus on “experimental expression” sees the collective managing to blend rural soundscapes and flowing synths with smooth R&B sensibilities comparable to that of Erykah Badu and Mos Def. The EP is carried by an array of vocals that range from sultry to spoken as the EP moves from the wistful title track ‘So Slow’ to the head nodding ‘Slip Away’. The group’s name is one to take very literal, sounding exactly ‘Cosmic Soul’ in genre (definitely a late night ‘chill’ listen)


The talented collective builds a community of people that celebrate and “showcase the depths of creativity through art and music” which can be heard in their lyrics, often philosophical in their curiosity and exploration through a poetic perspective. Their “organic expression” can also be seen in their many live events and exhibitions, incorporating “DJs, producers, bands, live music, abstract art, digital print making and live visuals” that bring people together over an eclectic love of art and underground modern soul.


We love this all singing, all creating collective so make sure to check them out on our Spinnup playlist and their socials to get lost in their cosmic world

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