Introducing: Carl Carlsson

On Monday you can see him live at Obaren in StockholmThis week we introduce to you – Carl Carlsson

What is your musical background and when did you start with music?
I first performed in the 2nd grade. I formed a band with four guys in my class and we did a playback performance. It was only three or four Backstreet Boys songs in the class room but to me it felt just as important as if it would have been any major venue. I have always been interested in pop music with influences from World Music. I’m so lucky that I was a kid during Disney’s renaissance. I could watch those movies over and over again. I still can, mainly because the music in those movies is so good. Most of all, the soundtrack to The Lion King. Larger than life pop songs with elements of South African traditional music. In my world, thats the perfect combo but the music from Pocahontas and A Goofy Movie is also amazing. So to answer your question, I fell in love with music as a kid watching Disney movies and later on, the wave of Swedish Indie-pop bands around 1999 made a big impression on me.

Who/what inspires you?
It could be anything. One part of being a songwriter is the longing for inspiration. It could be a book, it could be a movie, a beautiful person passing you by on the street. Inspiration can hit me at any time. When hearing a great song for the first time or when having an interesting conversation. If I am having troubles finding inspiration I always go to my local music store and buy a new instrument. I bored easily but never with music. I can spend hour after hour discovering new instruments and me being that way, inspiration always tend to appear. As a person, Peter Parker has always been a inspiration to me.

What inspired your latest release?
Church towers and the 12-string guitar. I’m currently working on an album heavily influenced by the music of West and South Africa and this release features the great guitarist Dekula Kahanga. No one plays the Soukous guitar like him. My plan now is to take my music and fuse it with music from the Congo, Kenya and most of all South Africa. Hopefully it will come out somewhat like the music from the Lion King. This single is the first step in that direction.

How was the song engineered?
Since I barely listen to any songs released today it was important to me that we recorded and engineered the song in a old fashion way. I wanted the band too feel as if they where doing a live performance rather than a studio session. So we recorded the song in the legendary Soundtrade Studios with their house engineer Emil Petterson on analog tape and used a lot of great compressors and pre-amps during tracking. I wanted the mix to be done by Mattias Glavå, a name figuring on most of my Swedish favorite albums (Håkan Hellström, Broder Daniel, Steso Songs) For me, it’s like a dream come true having my songs mixed by him.

What does 2014 have to offer? What’s happening next?
Hopefully I will do some more touring. I have bunch of great songs that are all almost finished so I hope I will find the time to lay down those final lyrics or that last melody. Then I will take these songs and travel down to South Africa to record. It’s a long journey, and it will take a lot of money and time. But what else am I supposed do with my life?