Introducing: Brothers

While we like to think of Spinnup as one big family of artists all over the world, it is nice when we come across artists that are actual family, like the we-fought-when-we-were-younger-but-now-we-like-each-other kind. We already have a few of those with acts like Sweden’s sister duo Vaz, and London’s bro-sis combo Moro. Today we bring you French fraternal duo BROTHERS.

BROTHERS is made up ofJulien & Thibault Battieu, two brothers with a 10 year age difference. Their pop-rock sound has traces of mega artists like Queen and the Beatles, making their music ebullient and timeless.
BROTHERS released the latest single “May we meet again” on 17th May before recently releasing their debut self-titled EP. It’s a fresh, lively track with a perfectly matched video that illustrates this very well. They used crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank (our wonderful partners in this year’s Spinnup Stage competition) to fund the video, and managed to raise an impressive €19,000 to produce it. Kyan Khojandi (a well known actor and their former flatmate) produced the video, as well as starring in it as the love-struck busker along with YouTuber and actress Nathalie Odzierejko.

It’s a great clip to watch, and has already earned more than 130k views on YouTube!

The pairing of BROTHERS, Kyan and Nathalie caught the attention of Rolling Stone Magazine in France, who wrote an article about the video shortly after its release.
Their eponymous debut EP was released through Spinnup on 8th June and Rolling Stone seem to like it a lot also writing another article reviewing the EP!
We wanted to know a little more about BROTHERS and their EP so we got in touch to ask them a few questions..

So, how did you start making music?

We created the band four years ago, during a trip to London with our father. We started working and writing together and several years later we signed with Universal Music Publishing and “All you need is songs”.

Awesome! How would you describe your music?

There is a cinematographic dimension to our music. We love what image and sound can bring together, emotionally speaking. We love both the melancholic and the “epic” side of it. We think there is both of them in our EP.

Can you tell us more about the sounds in the EP?

Today we are very happy and proud because our first EP is out and it looks like the way we wanted it to be. According to us, it’s a mix between songs and influences from the past – we love iconic bands like The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd – as well as modern and powerful sounds from the present. We love playing on contrast.

What are the main topics you have explored in the EP?

There is a topic we are particularly fond of, the ideas of childhood and time because we love the innocence of children and we think there is a huge poetry in it. We are big children and quite immature so childhood really speaks to us.
We like to tell little stories:
Nightmare is about a young girl afraid off the dark.
Morning is about a man fighting against morning.
Children of This War deals with the takeover of children upon adults, they wonder about their position in the world and their deep truth and sincerity wins after all.

What is it like having Rolling Stone Magazine write about your band twice in in less than a month?

It’s an honour for us! We are very proud that they like what we’ve created. It’s an iconic magazine and it’s really rewarding.
If you’re about this summer and want to see them live they are playing at a French festival Bon Moment in Nancy on 23rd June!

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud. Subscribe to their YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss upcoming music videos!