Introducing: Bethany Ann

This week we’re hopping over the pond to introduce you to an American singer-songwriter who has been keeping us entertained with a series of releases over the past year. The 19 year old Nashville-based Bethany Ann joined Spinnup to release her debut single ‘What I Wish I’d Done‘, a gorgeous piano-led power ballad with vocals that pack a punch. Needless to say we were paying attention!

Two more singles and an EP later and we have Vicennial, Bethany’s brand new EP that she released in early January to start 2018 with a bang. The pastel and candy colours of Vicennial‘s artwork are matched by the opening track ‘Birthday‘, a fun and energetic track to celebrate Bethany’s entry to her 20’s. Each of the six tracks on the EP bring their own distinct style to the table, switching from bubbly pop beats to more mature and sophisticated melodies, but always coming back to the overarching themes of growth and exploration that Bethany has curated from start to finish.


For us the superstar of Vicennial has to be ‘Nobody Loves Me When They’re Sober‘, an honest but fun piece of songwriting that sees minimalist electronic-tinged production sit perfectly Bethany’s intimate vocal, drawing the listener in from the delicate opening right through to the powerful bridge at the end

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