Introducing: Benji Patterson

Benji Patterson came through Spinnup US and released his debut project “The Love E.P” on May 31st. We came across his project in the Spinnup offices by chance and since hearing we have been hooked and had to find out more…



Benji Patterson is a self-proclaimed rapper, singer, poet, and songwriter from Pasadena, CA. The Love E.P came into fruition after a period of self-doubt, transitioning into adulthood and experiencing growing pains, “I was insecure and did not believe in myself, because for a long time I’d been surrounded by people who did not lift me up but only brought me down”.



Benji was in school working on getting his degree and not pursuing music. He saw friends that had channeled their energy into their dreams were starting to see results and he hadn’t even begun to even reach for his. I’m sure all of us who have come of age, know the trap of comparing your journey to others.



Patterson took a year of social media to combat his demons and started the work to change his mindset from negative to positive and made decisions on how he wanted to position and present himself, “I learned to love myself, Love to me is something that is boundless and exceeds human understanding” and with loving himself, he was able to birth “The Love EP” a blend of soulful beats, reminiscent of Jay Dilla productions and Benji flowing on top, no features and no gimmicks.



The sentiment behind the E.P is felt throughout all tracks as Benji eloquently expresses himself honestly and openly from start to finish, making Benji relatable to all audiences.



But you needn’t take our word for it, check him out yourself!

We look forward to seeing how Benji progresses…