Introducing – Barz Da Lyricist

Spinnup introduces an incredible talent hailing from Virginia, the recondite rapper Barz da Lyricist. Currently living in Washington, he released his newest fire EP ‘Fusion‘; a 2 part themed sonic journey personified and separated by vivid colour dimensions.


Barz got a humble start into music, cutting his teeth auditioning in chorus groups and taking part in Community Theatre musicals which sparked his unique creative flare. An avid supporter and student of hip-hop, Barz’ creates music from a place of introspection, producing records that have both longevity and authenticity. This can be heard in some of his earlier work such as his 2016 debut tape titled “Yellow Room”, a subtle nod to the birth of his colour symbolisation journey.


Fusion” continues this artistic theme taking the form of a double EP marked by two colours: One side Blue Room, the other Green Room which he explains as the “Blue Room represent[ing] the inner aspects of introspection, while Green Room represents the exterior world and wealth”. Interestingly following the blueprint from his 2016 debut, these colour additions suggest the creation of a new theme that diverts away from colours as he rapped “Green, Red or Blue –be the one to choose..”, perhaps marking the end of his poetic use of colour?


This J Dilla, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole inspired artist is definitely one to watch. Be sure to check out his Spinnup released EP ‘FUSION‘ and follow over on his Instagram.